@katespadeny signature collection video! soooooo cute!

Koto Bolofo for Kate Spade from Art Department on Vimeo.

The new signature kate spade collection is featuring the spade logo in a unique pattern.  I guess that because Deborah came from Burberry with the signature plaid all over everything, even a bikini, that we can expect to see this new pattern on several items in the future.  Did you notice the skirt in the video?  I am in love with the bow ring on the snapping fingers at the beginning!!!

Live Colorfully,


what I wore: Houndstooth Katie Skirt, yellow J Crew Jackie cardi and Yellow Kate Spade Quinn

Yesterday was Madeline's birthday (15) and we went to the Apple store to buy an IPad for her.  She totally loves it and was up late last night playing around with it.  Garage band is her favorite right now.  But back to the outfit... Black and white houndstooth Katie skirt with yellow "Pops" (to use the new buzz word at ksny).  Yellow J crew Jackie cardigan, yellow belt and yellow Quinn were 'popping' all over the outfit.  I also had my date night ring that is black and white and a vintage poodle pin that I got from my grandmother.  As we shopped several ladies commented on the style of the outfit which is always gratifying! :)
Today I am wearing my clock skirt from Anthro, I will post a pic when I get a chance later. I am headed to Stein Mart to use my 20% off coupon that I got for signing up for their email to buy a new cardigan sweater in the lovely shade of teal. and one in purple. and ruby. and maybe black.  It depends on how carried away I get.  The cardigans are my favorite shorter three quarter sleeve type with the loveliest fall colors I have ever seen.


Ipad 2 or $500 of kate spade stuff? Which would you choose?

I have a choice to make soon... Ipad 2 or kate spade stuff.  I tend to love stuff.  I also love technology.  I own an Iphone 4, nook color ereader , netbook and a HP laptop.  I also have an awesome HP desktop that is hooked up to a projector and is used as a media server for movies and tv. None of those is an Ipad.  :)

I have a few things in the sale section of ksny that I want as well as a couple of full price options calling my name.  What would you do?  I need some advice from an outside source because my husband doesn't like apple and my daughter is getting an ipad 2 for her birthday+some of her savings.  So they are biased.  Do you  have and ipad?  When do you use it instead of a laptop?  It wouldn't be the 3g version so I will just have wifi. I love my iphone and use it all the time to go online.  Would I use the ipad instead?

thanks for your input!

Yesterday's Outfit: Stein Mart Jacket Pink Pop of Color

If you aren't an instagram or twitter follower, here is my outfit yesterday!  I found this Jade colored jacket at Stein Mart for $11 on clearance Monday night and decided to wear it on Tuesday for a quick turnaround.  It was one of those things that I didn't want to linger in my closet because I would be less likely to wear it with each passing day.  Do you have things like that?  You wait and "save " them but never end up wearing them... I fight against this by just wearing my new things right away!  The jacket has a pink lining so I rolled up the sleeves and put on a pop of pink flower, pink flower necklace and carried my hot pink ksny Quinn. You can't see in this pic but I wore my leopard heels for even more fun!

This is the time of year to grab those good deals for next summer!  It is when everything gets cheap because the shops have to get rid of everything to prepare for the holidays.  Shop! Shop! Shop!  I also like this time of year because it is my birthday on Oct. 1 and I get lots of birthday $$$ to spend at the kate spade store or online.  I hope my outlet opens up by then because I will be ready to buy some new things.  I have been in a lull for Aug. and Sept. not buying much because I have had to cut back (according to my Hubby.)  I still owe him some $$$ but maybe I will get a reprieve for my birthday! hope hope hope.  
Wishing you bouquets of sharpened pencils this fall!
Have a colorful day!


trip to Sonic in the kate spade Mercury Lucinda dress...

The dress is cute but the strawberry sundae was amazing!!!! I actually ate it all.  I haven't had a sundae for so long, I decided that I deserved it. In the pic you can't really see the dress very well but it is real sparkly and comfortable.  I found that vintage needlepoint bag at an antique store and just love carrying it.  It doesn't match the outfit but hey, I was just running to the post office and sonic....


What I wore: Plaid Katie Skirt and All Typed up Cyde

Last week I wore my new plaid Katie skirt but forgot to post it on the blog.  I have been really bad at posting lately.  I love this skirt!  It is really soft thick flannel.  It is really a fall skirt but I wanted to wear it anyway cuz it is so cute!!!

have a lovely day!

What I wore: Polka dot dress, J Crew sweater, Kate Spade Clyde

I picked up this polka dot dress at Stein Mart on their huge 40% off sale.  It is my Minnie Mouse dress!  To get away from the Minnie look, I wore it with a turquoise J Crew Jackie Cardigan and carried my Clyde bag. You can't see in the picture but I was wearing my typewriter necklace from Forever 21.

Have a colorful day!

@katespadeny 2012 Calendar is available now!

The 2012 calendar is now available!  Isn't this a cute one? Too bad they don't show the art on the website. I will have to go to the shop to check it out. If you get one, let us know what it is like inside!



Favorite Fall Fashion Trends- update your wardrobe with just a few pieces!

My Favorite Fall Trends
1. Loafers
Olympia flat $298
2. Riding Boots
Ola Riding Boot $498
3. Full Skirts
Checked Julia Dress $498
plaid Sophie Cape $595
5. Color Blocking
Clemence A-line Skirt $325
These are just a few of my favorite fall fashion trends as shown by kate spade new york.  There are several more that I will share later.  By adding one of these pieces or accessories to your wardrobe, you can update it for fall and freshen up some of your seasoned favorites.  
Live colorfully!


Kate and Andy Spade are selling their Southhampton home for $5,450,000

Check out the listing for Kate and Andy Spade's Southampton home.  It has 8 bedrooms and a freestanding ballroom.  It is so cozy and country feeling!  I love the gardens.  I wonder why they are selling.  Maybe they found a better place or just never use it.  Their New York apartment was featured on The Selby earlier in the year.  It was so amazing and inspirational! Plum TV did an interview with Andy and Katie where they talk about the Southampton house and show off some of the interior. I think they had to "de-personalize" the house for selling purposes because the photos don't show all the fun touches that they had in the video interview. Their art collection is wonderful!
Here are the links again:
video interview
plum tv interview

One last glimpse of Summer with kate spade and Shutters on the Beach!

Kate Spade for Shutters from Herve Grison on Vimeo.

kate spade hits London with typical colorful style!

photo via vogue.com UK
Deborah Lloyd was at home again after 10 years, in the streets of London with the opening of the new kate spade new york shop in Sloane Square.

  In an interview with In Style UK, Deborah Lloyd said:  "As a Brit, I am thrilled to be opening two kate spade new york stores in London! It feels, in many ways, like the perfect homecoming for me. The two London stores will be our first major presence in Europe and will be the gateway to the rest of the continent."

There were even yellow taxis parked outside to give a nod to New York City.  There is also another new kate spade shop in Covent Garden that is on Langley Court. To decorate the new stores, they used some of the ideas and decor from the much written about pop up shop in London in the spring.  Instead of a flower painted floor, this time there is a real rug!  The colors are bright and cheerful just like the kate spade brand.

“I think we have a unique sense of fun mixed with lady-like glamour,” Deborah Lloyd told The Telegraph. "We don't take ourselves too seriously and I think the Brits will appreciate that. We are also such a New York brand - so we'll bring a little bit of that spirit to London."   

to read more about the new shop:



kate spade Zebra Stripe Rose Jacket is so cute in real life!

zebra stripe rose jacket $445 (sale $166)
I picked up this jacket today after seeing it online several times and never giving it a second glance.  In real life, this jacket is sooooooo cute!  I did get a 2 when I usually wear a 6 because I love the more fitted look.   The collar is uniquely pleated and the zebra fabric is so much fun.  I am going to wear this with a long sleeved top and Broome st. jeans.  I may wear it with black pants to contrast with the brown.  I am going to use the jacket to transition into fall.  It is really a year-round piece for my wardrobe!  I am always looking for jackets to wear with jeans.  The cream/brown stripes tone down the zebra much more than if it were black/white.  I want you to give this jacket a second look.  You might really like it.  It is on sale right now on katespade.com. for $166.
Have a happy day!