Bloomies had a cute Holiday "date with kate" feature online!

Bloomingdale's has a sweet and fun feature, an online lookbook with kate spade new york holiday pieces.  It is entitled "Make a date with Kate" and has some super cute outfits and styling ideas.  They are the first to have the holiday merch. online too.  Neimans has a bit but not even close to the amount Bloomies has.  Check it out here or just search kate spade on bloomingdales.com .
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kate spade new york inspired pantry!!!!

So, I hardly have anything in the pantry so it is a good time to clean it out right?  I don't like life to be boring so, why just clean it? Re-decorate it inspired by none other than kate spade new york!!! I started the    process by putting heavy wrapping paper up in the back of the shelves. Then, I organized the remaining pantry items (after a total throw-away of outdated stuff) in baskets, bins and even a mirror box for the trash bags and Glad wrap.  I had my husband hang some cup hooks for my kate spade cups so they would be in a cheerful place every morning.  I put all my oils and syrup in glass bottles on the top shelf.  I love it!  We even have a cheap chandelier hanging in the middle to shed some light on the whole colorful experience.   I hung a yellow polka dot dry erase board on the door to make a list of items needed from the grocery.  It is so much fun to make a boring, tedious chore into a colorful, inspiring project!  I might even cook now!  I sure need to re-stock some supplies now.  I may have to spend my clothing budget on pantry items this week.  I threw away two jars of peanut butter because I didn't know which one was the newest.  I will have to relocate some of my serving pieces to make room for groceries!!!

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Weekend Project: Black and white striped wall! Easy Peasy!

I was so busy today working on my next project, a kate spade inspired pantry, that I forgot to post the pics of my dining room DIY.  I hope you like it!  If you have any questions about how to do it yourself, email me and I will help if I can.
It only took about an hour to paint and it makes such a difference!!!
Taping the wall took the longest!  I used green frog tape.  It has the best sealing properties.  Run a credit card along the tape for an even better seal.  I used a ruler to measure 1 foot stripes and marked, then taped.

I used a small roller and high gloss latex paint in black.

The stripes only took one coat and then touch ups after I removed the tape.  There were some areas that the  cream wall paint wasn't fully covered.  I just painted those spots again, not the whole thing.
Peeling the tape was so exciting!!!! The paint left really clean lines.  I was so worried that I had ruined my wall but when I  peeled the tape off, it was perfect!!! Yay!

One more look at the finished product!  I keep going into the room just to see it...
So, what do you think?  It would be nice to have painted a less powerful color but in my case, I needed the impact in that room.  It was a dud, a total dead space in my house.  Now it is so much fun!  I want to paint something else but my husband says I can only have one black and white striped room in the house.  Maybe yellow stripes in the guest room??? They can be vertical instead of horizontal!  Maybe after I finish my current project!  I will post pics tomorrow of my kate spade inspired pantry! lol! I bet Deborah Lloyd has never thought of doing a kate spade new york pantry!  

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remember 30% off friends and family discount at kate spade this weekend!

The kate spade look for less!

kate spade Esther Skirt $455
If you like the Esther skirt or the Lillith Skirt, you might like these less expensive alternatives.  I have a hard time finding full skirts like these so I may have to buy them all!!!

Jacquard Skirt $79 from The Limited
This one would be GREAT for the holidays!
Shadow Jacquard Pleated Skirt $109.00 from Talbots
With the black and brown pattern, this would make a lovely Thanksgiving skirt!
Full taffeta Skirt $88 from White House Black Market
Who doesn't need a simple black full skirt?  Oh...me.  I have 4.
If you have some other favorites, please comment below to share the news with us all!

Video trip to a kate spade outlet on Youtube

I found this video that someone posted from their trip to the kate spade outlet.  It is not a remodeled store but you can see the new products!  It made me a little dizzy... There is a book clutch that says Learn to cha cha cha by Carmen Alvarez.  It is different than the other book clutches, more of a clutch than a book but really cute!  Here is one on ebay.  It is way cheaper in the store of course.  I like the little tassel.

Enjoy the video and don't forget about the kate spade friends and family sale that starts tomorrow: 30% off  instore, outlet and online! Use the code Fall11FF online. It is for three days only!



Cute Luggage from O.com for the kate spade girl!

I was shopping around for some cute carry-on luggage after seeing the really fun luggage that kate spade new york had in the Spring 2012 fashion show.  I stumbled upon some really vintage looking ones from O.com formerly Overstock. The come in lots of girly colors and even plaid!  They are sets of two, one large carry on and one smaller one, like a briefcase or make-up bag and cost under $52 for the set.  Which one should I choose?  I want them all so I haven't been able to make up my mind and order any.

It might be cute to have a monogram put on the side of the bag too!  I would even carry the small one as a purse!  Help me choose please!!!

Cute @katespadeny stuff $65 and under!

Here are a few little items that are under $65 that you can pick up on your next visit to the Kate Spade shop or online at katespade.com.  It might slightly satisfy your craving for some ksny in a small way.  If that is possible...






There are many more items such as jewelry pieces and paper products that are in that $65 and under price range that can be found online at katespade.com .  The friends and family sale is going on from the 21st - the 23rd so you can get 30% off your purchase with the code fall11ff when you purchase online, at the outlet or retail store.  That means you can stock up for Holiday gifts at a savings!  I am just going to use it for myself! lol!
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Nutella Mug cake- Recipe in honor of @katespadeny color of the month, Cha,cha chocolate

Nutella Mug Cake
4 tablespoons self rising flour
4 tablespoons white granulated sugar
1 egg
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 tablespoons Nutella
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil
1. Combine all ingredients in a large coffee mug. Whisk well with a fork until smooth. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 – 3 minutes. (Time depends on microwave wattage. Mine took 1 /2 minutes.) Top with whipped cream and a little chocolate sauce if desired.
2. Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Enjoy!
Note: Depending on the wattage of your microwave, you may have to increase cooking time.
Makes 1 very large serving.


Today's visit to the @katespadeny outlet in Houston....

the clothes in the back are from the new outlet line that are favorites re-issued and re-designed.  Notice the bow sweater  on the display... 

these are the outlet version of the Jillian dress. It is $269 (I think..) but it was 40% off today.  The red runs small in the top.  It is red silk dupioni and may cost more but I didn't look.  It was pretty but I loved the black cotton one! They are minus the pockets that are on the Jillian so that was a deal breaker for now.

I got this peacock Quinn!  I am going to plan an entire wardrobe around it.

the store had a great jewelry display!  the drawers are filled with rings. 
 I think the new Houston outlet design is just as good as the retail store in decor and products.  I love the upgrade!  All the clothes are from the outlet special line and are some of the favorite older styles re-imagined. I will get some more pics next time.  I am going back to buy my mom a peacock Quinn!

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Over 200 photos of the @katespadeny spring press event!

The Billy Farrell Agency was snapping photos at yesterday's kate spade spring press event and they put them online for us to drool over! Visit the link to look at the pic's and come back here and give me your opinion! The looks were again styled by Brad Goreski of Rachel Zoe fame.  If you look closely, you will see some really unique pieces such as new luggage, dinnerware and clutches that look like a ship and a magazine.  The black and white print that is everywhere is by Florence Broadhurst (look at the calendar above) and will be on almost everything in the spring. I saw bedding, dresses,Vespas!, bags, shoes, dinnerware etc...  I wonder if there will be wallpaper too! It is good to know that stripes are still "in" for spring so when I start making Katie skirts again, I will not be out of style.  The colors for spring and summer will delight the Lilly Pulitzer fans for sure!  I noticed that there were some tshirts with sayings on them such as "eat cake for breakfast" and "skirt the rules".  I am glad to see some of the fun sayings on basic tees so we can use them for layering pieces! Over all, I loved the collection and can not wait to wear the stripe Jillian dress and the green jacket with white trim like my yellow one. The basket purse that looks like a picnic basket will be on my list too!  What do you like the most? Is there anything that you don't like?

Billy Farrell Agency's Pics of kate spade spring 2012



spring 2012 preview!

photos via kate spade ny
Visit kate spade's tumblr for some great preview pics of the spring 2012 collection. I know we are just gearing up for fall and winter but it is nice to see that there will be some cute things to buy in the spring...

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Mai Sassy Girl shows us the @katespadeny fashion show in Tokyo! Sneek peek!!!!

This is an amazing look at the Tokyo kate spade holiday fashion show from Mai Sassy girl in Tokyo, Japan. You will ohh and ahh over these holiday and resort outfits! Click on the link to visit her site and view the photos. Come back and let me know what you think! I love the shirts with the sayings on them and of course the spade skirt!!!!


Lauren Norman, new kate spade model shows some holiday fashion in her portfolio

photo via lauren norman
The lovely model, Lauren Norman was selected to be photographed in the kate spade holiday collection.  She posted some photos of the outfits in her portfolio so, if you want to take a look at some of the coming holiday apparel, visit her site to check it out . I love the polka dot skirt which was available at neimanmarcus.com but they took it down or it sold out and I love, love the stripe skirt (of course). Thanks to goldenmeans for the scoop!
It also looks as if the November color of the month will be Confetti! or rainbow or every color in the year.

What I wore: @katespadeny Brown Zebra stripe Rose Jacket

It looks black here but it is brown zebra.  I wore an all black ensemble underneath to give the jacket the spotlight.  I added some haircalf leopard flats to keep the animal theme and carried my owl bag which you will probably see everyday this month because I don't have another brown bag.  He is so cute anyway...

Have a colorful and fun day!


Monograms and Manicures: Kate Spade- Grade F

Sometimes we get awful customer service from a company we love. What can a customer do about it? Click over to her blog to read this sad story from Hopsy of Monograms and Manicures:

 Kate Spade- Grade F: As most of you know I was a BIG Kate Spade fan. I have been an avid patron for 12 years and still remember buying my first bag at West Farms...


Recent outfits: results from sewing projects

 This one is my Leopard Olivia skirt.  I remade the Katie with inverted pleats like the kate spade lillith and really love it.
 This jumper is one that I made with Ralph Lauren fabric.  It is for the October chocolate brown color of the month. I carried my ksny owl bag and wore my brown owl necklace.
This dress is one inspired by one of my readers, Cricket.  She loves Burberry plaid and suggested I make a plaid Katie skirt.  I started out with a skirt and then decided to expand it to a dress.  This is my new Kelly dress.  It is sleeveless and looks great like a jumper with a long sleeve tee too!  I can't wait to make this in another fabric.

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anyone for chocolate? @katespadeny new color for october!

Yes it is true!  Kate Spade's color of the month for October is Chocolate Brown.  This ring above it the color of the month ring for October.  I was hoping for a dark eggplant purple but, oh well. Now my Owl purse will get some use!  I will run out and stock up on some brown tights and tees to wear with all my other colors and treat my leopard shoes like a basic black.  I did buy some brown Fossil suede shoes last month so I will get to wear them now.  I am going to run to the fabric store and look for some brown prints to make some of my newest skirt design, the Olivia skirt.  It is just like the recent pleated skirt from ksny with box pleats.   I finally figured out how to get them to work.  I just needed more fabric and a fuller skirt.  I am looking for some brown plaid to make the next one.  I will post soon about what I have been making lately.  Today it is my birthday so I better run.   I just wanted to let you know about the color of the month!

Live brownish,