What I wore for Christmas: Long wide stripe Hartley skirt with a black cashmere sweater

I went stripe crazy for the holiday this year!  It was fun to wear the huge black and white stripe in a full length version of my Hartley skirt.  It worked great with my black cashmere sweater and some pearls.  I am going to put this skirt on sandeeroyalty.com and etsy.com and start taking orders.  I think this skirt would make a wonderful bridesmaid's skirt!  The large stripes are nice because it keeps the skirt more simple than if it were in the smaller stripes of the Katie skirt.  Now that I have the design figured out, I can make this skirt in any of my fabrics including the solids and stripes.  I don't have any occasions coming up but I think I might make a green and white in the thinner stripe next.

happy new year everyone!


@katespadeny makes some new year's resolutions you may want to wear!

eat cake for breakfast!

Skirt the Rules!

Play Hooky!

Eat Cake for Breakfast Tote
ksny has made some new year's resolutions that we can share and wear!  My favorite is "eat cake for breakfast".  I love the tee shirts because they are so versatile.  I can pair one with jeans on Saturday,a skirt on Tuesday with a cardigan or a blazer on Friday.   That is why I need all three! This tote is really cute too.  I love the dipped bottom for color and durability.  The simplicity of these shirts and tote make them easy to mix with other items in your closet and the price for the shirt at $58 means you can afford it easier than other kate spade items.  This is not your average Target tee.  It is a thick, lovely cotton that is super soft. I like that you can't see through it when worn by itself.  I really like the whimsy that these statements bring to an outfit, they remind me of the cheeky yet classic Kate Spade of years gone by.

Happy New Year!


resolutions 2012

I finally got the City Lights Lilith skirt!

I have been dreaming about the city lights Lilith skirt for months and it is finally mine! I tried it on three times and never took the plunge but yesterday at the Houston outlet I finally bought it. I can say that the price was amazing so that helped me make the choice. There was only one skirt there and it was my size so I knew it was my day! This is the skirt that was painted by Katie Evans from kate spade. It is art and apparel at the same time! I am going to plan some outfits with it now and any ideas would be helpful. I want the focus to stay on the skirt but would like to add a pop of color somewhere. Comment with your ideas of styling if you get a chance.
Live colorfully!


Now is the time to buy sale merch on katespade.com!

If you still have any $$$ left, now is the time for you to buy from the sale section on katespade.com.  I filled a shopping cart with wishlisted items and everything I wanted was only $1000!  That was about 6 items!  Usually it is two or three things for that price.  I am still trying to decide about getting an iPad so I am saving my money just in case I decide to buy the one my husband won at his work Christmas party.  He doesn't like apple so he bought an android tablet that is amazing and is selling his iPad2, still in the box, for $400 to me because he loves  me.  That means that I can't get $400 worth of cheap kate spade if I get the ipad.  Oh well, there is always more stuff.  Enjoy the sale and let me know what you buy!
have a colorful holiday!


What I wore: Black and White Stripe Hartley skirt, Black Cardi and kate spade Call Me Chase Telephone bag

Yesterday I was in the mood for stripes!  I stayed with the black white and red theme that I have been using for the holiday season by pairing my black and white stripe skirt with red kate spade tights.  The ksny Call Me Chase telephone bag went really nicely with this outfit!  I actually didn't carry it though because it is for Christmas and I can't use it yet.  I did pose with it for effect and to help my anticipation!  Oh Santa please come soon! I hope my husband doesn't see this picture.  lol.

I made a stripe skirt in the new Hartley design to try it out.  Well... I really don't like it.  The fabric is too stiff to be made in this pattern. You can't really tell in the photo but the pleats kept poking out all day when I sat down and then they didn't go back to normal.  I kept having to "fix" myself all day!  It is also too full for the large stripe.  I tried it in a thinner stripe and love it.  It is a little thinner fabric and lays much better.  I am going to list  the Hartley skirt for sale in the thin stripe in red and white and black and white at the first of the year.  I will still wear this thicker one anyway but it is definitely not as good as the Katie skirt style for this fabric!

love this new kate spade colorblock coat from Nordstrom!

Nordstrom is taking pre-orders for some early spring ksny apparel! There are some cute things! Go check it out and have a great day!
live colofully!


OMG I am so excited about the new Classic Hartley skirt now available on sandeeroyalty.com

I have been working on a new skirt design for a while and have finally finished the Classic Hartley skirt!  I am super excited about this skirt because it is available in so many fun colorways and the silhouette is my favorite. I love a skirt that skims the hips and shows off my waist.

This Classic Hartley, named for my darling daughter Madeline Hartley, has three box pleats in the front and three in the back with a zipper on the side.  The special difference about this design is the contour waistband.  It allows the waistband to go in at the smallest part of your waist and then gradually gets a bit larger to smooth right into the pleats.   It really helps when there is a big difference in waist and hip measurement (hey, that's me!)  It also looks great on those with a straighter shape worn lower on the hip, with the pleats laying flat or ironed closed.  The band helps smooth the tummy when worn that way.  I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

I am making it available in 5 colorways: Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Turquoise, Noir and Ruby.  The colors are so vivid and the fabric is heavy and substantial  cotton.  It is lined in the same rich satin fabric as the Striped Katie skirt.

Go take a look at sandeeroyalty.com to see it in all it's glory!
Live Colorfully,

kate spade color for the game closet!


Add a little color to your game closet with the kate spade holiday stocking stuffer games!  Dominoes come in multi colors for playing or displaying.  The gold playing cards will look great sitting out on the coffee table ready for some action when friends come over or a little solitaire.
Live Colorfully!


Fais from fat to fabulous is having a giveaway!

giveaway on fat to fabulous
Fais from fat to fabulous is having a kate spade planner giveaway so go check it out if you don't already have your planner this year! Fais just hosted another kate spade holiday giveaway that I didn't get a chance to post.  It was for the cute ksny glasses necklace.  Sorry dear readers, I have failed.  I will try harder to keep you posted on any other blogger treats that I find.

have a lovely day!


anyone think I need these note cards?

kate spade all typed up note cards by Crane

kate spade inspired Christmas Light-bulb skirt

I made another skirt this week inspired by a kate spade Holiday campaign from a few years ago.  When I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby, I had to get it and make a skirt.  I added some red velvet ribbon along the bottom to make it feel richer and more textural.  The lightbulb cords are a metallic gold but it is very understated not gaudy or tacky at all.  At least that is my opinion :)!
via popsop.com designed by Abby Clawson Low
This is the kate spade packaging from the holiday 2008 campaign with the lightbulbs.

kate spade holiday plates via tabletoptime
I wish I could get my hands on some of these kate spade lightbulb plates!  Ebay here I come!!!!!!
May your Holiday be Merry and Bright!
Found the plates on ebay here $69 for 4 plates and they have 4 sets of 4 available!

What I wore: New Toile skirt, target cardigan and red tights with ksny Clyde handbag , ksny bow ring and birdcage necklace

All of my sewing last month is finally paying off because I am able to wear my new skirts!  This skirt fabric is a decorator toile fabric with a farm scene in a honey color..  I bought it especially to match the pea green sweater that I got at Target.  The red tights totally break up the monochromatic honey/pea green color! I added my dingaling birdcage necklace from kate spade and the bow ring from last Christmas season.

I had a fun day shopping and running errands today and tomorrow Mark is taking the day off!  yay! We are going to see the Muppet Movie with Madeline.  I can't wait!


Coupon code for katespade.com!

Unwrap the savings!!!! Coupon code for $50 off of $250 purchase from katespade.com is UNWRAP11!  I don't know how long it is available because I found it from a fellow katespade-aholic's blog Stuff Jewish Girls Like Yay!


Enjoy this Fashion Show from That Touch of Mink with Doris Day

Kate Spade-aholic picks from December New Arrivals!

I found a few things that I would like from the new arrivals on katespade.com . I love the navy and green combination with the royal blue thrown in for good measure.  




Of course everyone knows I would love the striped haley skirt but I also want to pick up the stripe Livia top.  I would like it really fitted with a floral skirt for some fun mix and match.  The colorblock cardigan is just too cute to pass up and very versatile with all the colorful trims. I can always use another Jillian dress and this one is just lovely!  It is a little springy for me right now but could be toned down with a darker cardigan over the top.  So, that is over $1400 worth of clothes...I better start making Sandee Royalty skirts again to get some extra $$$.  If I just had to pick one thing, it would be the Livia top or the Haley skirt.  I am going to have to try them on to decide.  What do you like best from the new arrivals?  Are you as impressed with them as the past collections?  Let me know your thoughts on this new resort group!



planned 25 days of Christmas outfits today!

Today I worked on 25+ outfits for the month of December.  I didn't want the holidays to go by without wearing all my festive pieces so I planned each outfit with jewelry and accessories so I will be ready for whatever the season brings.  I included some pieces that I don't seem to ever wear even though they are lovely.  I am going to wear them first so by the end of the month, closer to Christmas, I will be wearing my very favorite outfits.  I removed to the back of the closet everything else so I don't get distracted by the other clothes.  In January, those things will seem much newer and fresher because I haven't been looking at them all month.  I have put together lots of red and black outfits with some silver and gold sparkle.  I have a couple of pairs of pants and one jeans outfit.  Everything else is skirts and dresses.  All my beautiful kate spade dresses in black and purple are waiting in a row for me to wear them for the holidays.  I have to plan on going somewhere everyday so I can have a reason to get pretty.  It is so much fun to go shopping in your own closet!

kate spade has taken over GILT.com for the day! check it out.

Deborah Lloyd: kate spade new york Creative Director from Gilt Groupe on Vimeo.

Head on over to Gilt.com to see all the deals and the preview pick from Deborah Lloyd that are amazing!


What I wore: Self-designed Key skirt, Forever 21 sweater and kate spade Peacock Quinn

I went to Jo Ann's fabrics to get a zipper and came home with some really cute key fabric!  It was just crying out to be made into a skirt so I went home and made it that night!  I added a velvet band of fabric around the bottom to give it a richer feel.  It also means it is more holiday too!  The sweater just happened to be hanging up in the closet, never worn, and I immediately the two belonged together! I added some black tights (I resisted the red ones because I liked the all black and cream look).  I put on some pearls and a fossil key charm to echo the key motif in the skirt.  I wore Simple ballet flats for shoes and a Peacock blue pop of color for the bag.  I wanted to use my Clyde but the red typewriter seemed to overpower the keys.  Maybe I will wear it tomorrow.
I purchased some fabric at Hobby Lobby with christmas lights all over and that is my project today!  I am going to make another skirt just like this one but instead of a velvet band at the bottom, I have some great thick red velvet ribbon to sew along the hemline. I better be off being creative!  I am having so much fun!