All Aboard with kate spade resort collection!

Anyone taking a cruise this winter?  This little kate spade All Aboard Ship Clutch is perfect!  I love it so much.  It even has a nautical striped lining.  I doubt it would hold anything more than a credit card and lip stick but, who cares? You don't need much on a cruise anyway.

striped Blaise dress $355
You could carry it with this cute striped dress!  This dress is made with a little stretch in it for comfort and it has buttons down the back.  It also comes in a black and navy combo.  I am all for the green one though!  I buy green whenever it is an option because it is one of my favorite colors.  I am going to do a capsule video someday with green and black.  I am collecting pieces for it now.  I need a green cardigan and a green tee shirt before I am ready.
Have a colorful day!

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