kate spade new york is seeing stripes for January!

New Arrivals are here!  Stripes are the pattern of the month!  Yay! I chose these two dresses as my favorites.  Go check it out and tell me what you think!
Striped Jillian Dress $438

Striped Adette Dress $498
 magazine clutch $298
This little magazine clutch is cute too!  It looks much better in real life so go check it out at a boutique!  It really looks like a magazine folded over.

The jewelry is awesome too!  There are anchor earrings, bracelet and necklace and even some boat earrings. There is also a little suitcase locket! Wow!

I sure won't have a problem making outfits in stripes!  I have so many Katie skirts I think I could wear stripes every single day and not run out.  I would love that striped Jillian dress though.  It is cotton and linen so not really year round fabric and it may wrinkle too much.  I need to see it in person to decide.  I have been saving my $$ to be able to go on a kate spade spree.  I would like to wait just a bit longer before I spend it.  It is funny how you can get to where you don't want to buy anything, just save save save.  My kids are so good at that, I am hoping that it will rub off on me.  I have been doing much better but you don't get to see so many cute outfits because I am being frugal.  It is better that way. I don't want to be a temptation to others, I also don't want to live beyond my means.  It is hard after so long not to have outfit repeats but, because I have not been buying in a frenzy, there will have to be some this year.  I am going to stretch myself to be creative and make the clothes I have from even three years ago look fresh.  I may have to accent with Target items and wait for my spree to stock up on new kate spade merchandise. How do you make your wardrobe stretch?  How do you get the most use from your clothes without looking like you are wearing the same thing over and over?  Or, does it even matter if you wear the same thing?  Do people really care?  That question is important.  I need to find the answer to that one.

Live colorfully!

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