kate spade pink Les Fleurs necklace, Bubble Gum Hartley skirt, ksny tights and black self-embelished cardigan

I love my Hot pink kate spade Les Fleurs necklace with the velvet flowers that I sewed on this black cardigan while watching a long bbc drama.

I have been saving my Hartley skirt in bubble gum to wear with my kate spade hot pink tights.  It really looks smashing with this black sweater.  I found the little pink velvet flowers at JoAnn fabrics in the trims aisle and sewed them all over the sweater to look as if they are falling down from the shoulder.  Oh, please don't look at the feet, I forgot to take off my hot pink slippers...I am staying home all day to sew so no shoes were needed!  I am a little wrinkly from sewing too!  Oh well, I thought someone should see my cute outfit of the day even though no one else will!   


Z said...

I love the tights! I am not daring enough to wear coloured tights (I won't even wear black opaques), but I love them on other people. The cardi is a perfect match, too.

Pamela said...

So cute! I love that you dress for the day, even if you'll be inside wearing slippers!

Veronica said...

I know it is probably a lot of work, but could you post how you created your sweater- it is gorgeous!