What I wore: kate spade Ruffled Bethanne dress in black and purple tights with my shiny gold Quinn

kate spade ruffled bethanne dress
Alert Alert! This Ruffled Bethanne dress is on double sale at katespade.com right now! All sale is on sale 25% off with the code NEWYEAR25.

I love this dress even more than my kate spade Briella dresses. The silk fabric is heavy and crisp makin the dress perfect for year round wearing.  The fit is the same as the Briella with a little more flair at the bottom.  I love shirt dresses so this really appeals to me.  I also love the ruffle down the front!  Who wouldn't!

Have a happy new year!


Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

You look fabulous! I was so excited to see the extra 25% off email this morning, too! I was wondering if you have seen the Charm Magazine Bon Shopper in person? If so, what do you think of it? I have been pining after it for awhile but never got the chance to see it in person, so I'm leary to take a chance on it. Also, what about the Shuffled Spade Bon Shopper...thoughts on it? Thank you so much for any help you can give. The only Kate Spade retail store near me is over 1.5 hours away, so I don't make it there very often, which means I don't get to see many retail items in person. (I do at least live near an outlet though, thankfully.) Anyways, thanks again and have a lovely day! :)

Royaltygirl said...

Ffm- I like the charm bag best because it is fabric coated with plastic. The other one is PVC and that usually doesn't last long but shiny is fun. Let me know what you decide!

Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

Thanks Sandee...I am still deciding. The sale lasts until the 10th, but I know that things will start to sell out before then. I called my outlet and they don't have much left, so I'm not sure I'm going to visit after all. Did you find anything good at yours? Any retail clothing items?

Also, do you know if new items will get added to the sale online this week, and if so, when does it usually happen? Thanks again for your help! :)