J.C. Penny gets a bold new look from Target's ex-Chief Marketing Officer!

click here to visit the feb. jc penny mailer
I am excited for JC Penny and their new look (notice the striped skirt on page 18)! It is their 110 anniversary and they have pulled out all the stops to update their look.  Michael Francis, former Target CMO, came on board as president in October and had joined forces with Target's former agency to revamp the look of the classic brand.  If you look at the ad for February, you will see Target written all over it!  What is too bad from this development is that Target is left with no one to keep up that whimsical, fun look we all love so much.  I have actually noticed a difference at Target this month...It seems flat and boring.  I hope they find someone to bring the POP back to Target soon.  I am looking forward to seeing what JC Penny has planned for the months to come and am running out to shop there today!

**update- there was NOTHING at JC Penny's! Maybe the marketing hasn't caught up with the products yet! The striped skirt was cute but I have too many of those! lol!**

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Anonymous said...

enjoying your blog!

I spied the Mango striped skirt in a Penney's commercial and found it on their website here:


they probably just added it :-)

- Jenny