kate spade outlet shopping trip results

I visited the Houston kate spade outlet on Saturday and had a marvelous time!  I really enjoy the girls who work there.  They are so patient and really good at selling things...or maybe I am good at buying.  I picked up two skirts using a coupon and VIP promotion ending up with 30%, then 20% then 10% and another 10% off!  I must say it was a little bit of a steal!  I wish I had gotten more but I have just organized my closet and am trying to keep the "-aholic" part of my personality under control.

I purchased some pretty wooden hangers and organized and deleted some items to end up with a closet full of my favorites!  Now I can shop my closet because I like everything in it!

Got the  Holly skirt in Mercury and the Holly skirt in Black silk.  I know they look like something I would sew but the fabrics are really special.  They also look a lot alike in the photo but really are quite different. 

the black is a silk dupoini - kind of a nubby silk with a pretty sheen

the mercury is also a black/graphite color but with metallic threads and a check pattern
I was able to get these kate spade skirts for under $40 each with all the sale discounts (retail $298)!  I also picked up two different packs of the artist prints from the year of color for $5 each!!!!  It was, over all, a great rainy day shopping trip.  I also saw that the J Crew outlet has their Jackie Cardigan for 40% off and so many new spring colors.  I am thinking of snagging about three of those in the near future.

Off to sew some skirts to fill all the orders I have been getting.  I am almost caught up.  Maybe by the end of the week if I work extra hard.  I would love to have a chance to sew the navy and white gingham dress I have planned... you are going to love it!  I am thinking of putting yellow ric-rac in the seams of the bodice and maybe on the skirt as trim.  I am going for the 50's housewife look.

Live Colorfully!


Carol B said...

Awesome finds! I would love to see pics of your closet, especially the tall accessory racks above your hangers. I'm always looking for new ways to spruce up my closet.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain how you got the coupon and the VIP promotion? My outlet no longer gives an extra 10% and I haven't found any coupons or VIP promotions. Would love to though! Thanks!

Royaltygirl said...

The extra 10% was because I brought in an email about the sale. It said at the bottom that if you presented it, you got an extra 10%. The other 10% VIP is from the coupon booklet that I got at the mall customer service counter. It costs 5$ or free with AAA card. You get tons of discounts at all the stores in the outlet mall. It is good for the year I think. All the outlets that I have been to in Texas and Michigan have this same type of booklet. I just go to the mall customer service desk and ask about it before I shop. The coupon says 10% off any purchase with no restrictions given at all. Yay for coupons!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know. The outlets in MD and PA have stopped giving the extra 10% through the mall coupon book. I really miss that. You are lucky you still have it!

Anonymous said...

Sandee I love reading your posts! I have a question for you. I was wondering if you could help me find the all typed up Clyde available for purchase. I only found on eBay for like one thousand dollars. And Kate spade customer service is not able to help either. Since I know u are great at finding Kate spade deals etc. I thought I'd ask. Or are u willing to sell yours? :-) thanks for your help! Natalie

Pamela said...

I thought the picture of your closet was a picture from the store!!! Nicely done!