Fun new items on katespade.com!

Am I crazy? I love the Hold Court Quinn.  I have a loyalty to the Quinn and really want to add this to my collection for summer bags.  I have to see it in person first and I will let you know if I think I can pull it off.   What do you think?  Tacky or Not?

 I love the Melody skirt because it so so vintage inspired and it is also impossible for me to make.  It is really hard when you sew because so many things are so simple and basic.  I always look at something and say "I could make that".  My friends make it a joke.  They say it to me all the time in the store.  This skirt is pleated in such a way that I would not even attempt to make it.  Too complicated.  I could make three dresses in the time it would take to make this skirt.  I will have to buy it!
I already have the Valerie Jacket in yellow and would love to add the green to my collection.  It is an all year jacket here in Houston.  I will try to pick it up on sale like I did the yellow one.  That reminds me, I need to wear the yellow one more.  It just only looks good with jeans and I hardly ever wear jeans.

Go check out the new arrivals and let me know what you think.  Are you getting burned out on kate spade new york or do you still love it?  Do you think there is anything you can't live without in this collection?

Have a super day!
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Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

I love the jacket and skirt...not sure about the purse! I am anxious to see it in person as well.

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

(ADORE the new bloggy lift!)

Anonymous said...

My first reaction to the quinn was...yes, tacky. Sorry. But, if you like it, I have to think that it has more going for it than I originally thought. You have excellent taste. Plus, it might look much better in person. Please let us know.

goldenmeans said...

Kate Spade is so great with the novelty purses! Honestly, I think all of them (including favorites like the newspaper and chocolate bar clutches) have the potential to look tacky if you wear them with the wrong outfit, but are really cute and quirky accents when styled correctly against simple/classic backdrops, and this one is no different (though slightly more intimidating! :)).

Love the Melody skirt as well, and the Valerie is beautiful...I've started hankering after a yellow version myself now after seeing you wear it!

Royaltygirl said...

that astro turf bag is all i can think about tonight! I just have to see it soon. If my store doesn't have it I will have to order it online just to get a look at it!

Courtney said...

Sandee, I must be crazy too cause I think the astroturf bag is super fun (everyone else just shakes their head... but they don't know! haha!) AND I was just thinking about how I wish I had the valerie jacket in yellow because its the cutest !!!! So jealous that you have it !!!


Courtney said...

Oh and PS I have seen this quinny in person! It really looks quite similar to the picture (which never happens, the kate spade website images are usually really far off from what you see in stores so I always suggest checking in stores!). I mean, its astroturf, real astroturf, so it looks just like astroturf ha! it is border-line tacky but aren't all kate novelty bags? thats what makes them so amazing, because they dance on the line between crazy and fun.. making them just that, crazy fun! If nothing else, it will make a great icebreaker and an amazing collection piece!

cheers !!!!


greenbean said...

just preordered the hold court quinn!...had to get it!...and it seems that the trey tretorns jumped in the cart too!...

Wholesale Clutches said...

Well, its perfect for the summer because its green color and cozy stuff really gives a feel of freshness.