Nordstrom has some kate spade goodies!

Nordstrom is featuring our favorite brand kate spade new york again on their website!  There are many new items yet to be seen so I got really excited! It started with the skirt below.  It is the amazing Melody skirt in beige silk with pink polka dots.
beige and pink melody skirt $368

the Sonja dress is perfect for summer made of cotton and spandex $378
I also fell in love with the Sonja dress shown above.  I am excited when I find a kate spade dress made of cotton.  It is nice to not wear silk all the time.  This dress is hand-washable too!  I can't wait to see it in person.  I have found that the kate spade dresses look much better in person.  It comes with the tiny patent bow belt too.

the kate spade Lucille stripe dress is only $268!
I also love this Lucille dress.  I am not a blue girl but this it really cute and would look great with red or pink accents.  The price is also a winner!  $268 is cheaper than a skirt.  I would wear this with a red cardigan and red flats for summer.

I am not going to give you all the goodies that they have online right now so you can have fun finding them yourself.  Head over to shop.nordstrom.com  to check it out.

Live Colorfully my friend!

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