Polish your nails with kate spade new york!

 Poppy King who did the Supercalifragilipstick collaboration with kate spade new york tries her colorful hand at nail polish.  She has designed four charming colors inspired by Florence Broadhurst prints.  The colors that will be available on katespade.com and in stores are watermelon pink, sea foam green, solar orange and yellow cockatoo.  
The colors are going to be available in April and will be sold for $28 for the set.  Last year I collected pretty much the same colors throughout the summer to polish my toes but mostly from forever 21.  I am excited to have the opportunity to get an actual collection that looks so pretty lined up in a row like this one!
I am headed over to the kate spade outlet today to see what I can find.  Have a colorful Friday!


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Anonymous said...

I am not interested in a set of polishes. I wouldn't buy a set of different lipstick colors, why would I do that with nail color?

Kate Spade missed the mark on this one. They should be sold individually. Regardless, there are already enough polish manufacturs (OPI, for example) who produce colors similar enough to these for anyone to get the exact color they want.

Free Coupons said...

They are lovely nail polish colors.