New ksny Celina dress is amazing!!!!

I love the new Celina dress from kate spade new york!  It is available for pre-order on Nordstrom.com here  This dress is one I may try to sew because it seems pretty simple.  I am going to attempt to make the stripes myself out of two colors of fabric instead of trying to find a fabric already printed with stripes.  This way I can choose any colors I want.  I like the way the bodice is pleated in the front on to a shaped waistband.  I will have to find a pattern for this one asap.  I will let you know what I end up doing...
Off to the outlet for the friend's and family sale!!!



aislewalk said...

I can't wait to see your version of this dress in your etsy shop

Sparkles said...

Wow that is a lovely dress, sorry do you have a link for your etsy shop?
I'm so sad I missed the family friend sale! Do you recall how many times they do an online sale ech year?
I bought lots during the sample sale and that 15% ( or was it 20...) in around February so totally kicking myself for missing the hopping 25% off!

goldenmeans said...

I noticed this dress when I was browsing Nordstrom the other week! It is sooo cute. I think the darted bust will actually look a bit weird on my chest, so I'll probably be forced to pass, but I'd still love to see how your recreation turns out! :)

Goodbye Valentino said...

Oh how I wish I lived near a KS outlet store. I visited one for the first time in October. I'll just have to enjoy what you found!

This dress is so cute as is your Etsy shop! Are you aware of any patterns similar to the Jillian dress?

Royaltygirl said...

Goodbye Valentino, I am making pattern right now in the jillian style. I ruined one of my jillian dresses so I cut it up to make a pattern for the bow thingie on the front. All I need is the zipper and it is finished! If you find a dress you like you can add the bow piece when you sew in the side seams. It really is just two triangles pleated and sewn together at the middle with a bow on top.