Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm  -Emerson

This weeks words of wisdom are for those of us like me, who can get excited about anything and everything and do it at full volume!  I try to tone it down but it is really hard.  If I see a friend in the store, everyone knows it.  When I am in target and find some cute shoes, people come running because I broadcast it to the world.  The ladies at the cutting table at JoAnn's know everything I am making because I tell everyone how excited I am about the fabric.  I post pictures about my outfits on the internet because I just want to share the excitement with others.  

The problem comes when I am not excited about something that I have to accomplish or wear, or eat...I have nothing to give. Nada. I think I only have two sides, love and hate.  Emptying the dishwasher is something that I can't get enthusiastic about so it doesn't get done as often as it should.  Cooking is another area that I am working on building up enthusiasm for.  It must be done so I have to come up with a fun, creative way to do it or I will hate it.  Pinterest has helped with that a bit.  It gets me excited enough over a recipe to actually pin it!  That is the first step right?
How do you motivate yourself to do unpleasant tasks? Do overly enthusiastic people bother you?

Live colorfully, It is much more fun!

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