What I wore for Easter

For Easter I wore my new navy stripe kate spade dress with some red kate spade heels and my ksny park avenue pearls necklace.  This shape of dress is my favorite right now!  I love the bow because it covers my tummy and looks so cute.  I bought this dress along with a black one in the same style at the kate spade outlet.  It is the outlet version of the Jillian dress that is so popular.  This version is missing the pockets in the front which is fine with me because it adds bulk at my middle.  I love it that the outlet has some reasonably priced versions of kate spade favorites.  That reminds me... I need to visit the outlet this week.  I need something new.



Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

Oh you look so pretty! I love the dress on you, and the style is one of my current favorites, too. :)

I haven't been to the outlet here in awhile, but really need to go soon. I hope you'll post some of your finds on your trip this week.

Talking with Tami said...

cute outfit!