What I wore: Slightly Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

ignore the bare feet...
Yesterday I was in a fun mood and wanted to be a little "costumey" in my outfit of the day.  I only was going to go to Target, Goodwill and the Post Office so I wouldn't be seen by any fashionistas.  I wore my crinoline petticoat under the gingham dress for a little 50's vibe.  I also wore my vintage sweater clip to add to the look.  As I posted on instagram, I did get a few stares from folks but it was fun.  I am going to do this look again with the poofy crinoline because I felt like a cupcake, floating through the day! I think my daughter thought it was too much but I wanted to make a statement for myself and I think I did...lol!


zyzzyva said...

I'm probably the wrong girl to ask regarding "costumey" outfits, but I think you look great! Spring is truly a "Dorothy" time. I just got this gingham dress from ASOS. The blue isn't as pale in real like (more a true sky blue), unfortunately, but it is still so cute. I plan to pair it with some red heels at some point, because why not? ;)

Jules said...

I love it!! I wear "costumey" clothing every day, well, for where I live. Do I get people who look at me funny? Yes! But you know what, I feel cute, I'm happy, etc.

And I've felt like a cupcake before, I <3 that!!! Keep dressing fun, I love your style!