Bloomingdales.com has a really cute kate spade lookbook for summer!

screen capture from the kate spade lookbook on bloomingdales.com

okay, this is totally who I want to be!

I am inspired by this dress!  The ugly tires are a nice touch! lol.

In the summer, my kate spade purchases seem to get fewer as Texas leaves little room for clothing in it's extreme heat.  The silk that most of these dresses are made of gets hard and crunchy when it drys after being sweaty.  This can really be a problem when it is 100 degrees outside and even more in the car.  I try to stick with loose cotton dresses all summer so I will probably be making some like these but in thin cotton.  Lucky all of you who live in cooler climates!  I may be able to pick up one or two of these at the end of the season to wear in the fall/winter.  Check out the really cute lookbook here!

Live Colorfully!

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Jules said...

Ohhh, how I do not miss those hot humid sticky Texas summers!!

It was 95 degrees here yesterday, but I still had a cardigan half the day. Dry heat is SO different!!! And last night the temperature dropped to 57-58

BTW< I LOVE LOVE LOVE your DIY Jillian Dress!!!!!!! WOW!!!!
<3 Jules