free shipping on my etsy shop for the rest of May!

I am having a free shipping extravaganza on my etsy shop until the end of May! If you have been thinking of ordering a skirt but not taken the plunge, this is the time to jump in!  I am going to take off sewing for the summer and want to have a special treat for my readers who place their orders during the month of May. Use the coupon code CHARMING2012 to receive free shipping on your entire Sandee Royalty order at checkout on etsy.com.


inmypocket said...

Hi Sandy,
Would this offer extend to postage to Australia?


Royaltygirl said...

Inmypocket, this particular code is only for US shipping but if you message me on etsy I can make a special order for you with free shipping! I am doing it for my special readers but can't do it for everyone. The last time I shipped a skirt to AU it was 24$$$! Indonesia is even more. It is crazy that it is so expensive but it has so far to go.

Anonymous said...

Changing the subject...but what do you think of the new armadillo handbag? I'm not sure how I feel about it. I loved the elephant from last year, and remember that you loved it, too, but gambled incorrectly that it would go on sale. I value your opinion, so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Royaltygirl said...

Anon- I was just going to post about it! Stay tuned...