New Charm Skirt on my Etsy shop

The sandee royalty Charm Skirt on Etsy.com

I have been a little lax on posting outfits because I have been designing another skirt for my Sandee Royalty Etsy shop .  It is a much needed design because it is less expensive and really comfortable! So far I have released it in 7 novelty fabrics for summer.  Robots,cherries,butterflies,cupcakes and more!

This is the little description from my shop:

The Charm Skirt was designed to be collected just like charms on a charm bracelet! Each skirt is made from a fun and whimsical novelty print chosen to brighten your day when you put it on. The Charm skirt is also designed for comfort. Finally, you can be cute and comfy too! The simple waistband is a large band of elastic that can stretch to fit snugly at the waist or lower on the hips depending on preference. The full skirt is unlined 100% cotton fabric, giving it a lower price point of $40 and making it much lighter and cooler for summer days. It can also be special ordered with a light grey satin lining for an additional $7 for those who prefer not to wear a slip. It is still beautifully made with finished seams and a deep hem.  

The Charm Skirt is a really great skirt for those in the middle loosing weight or the first months for expectant mothers and perfect for after the baby too! Every closet needs some Charm!

I hope you enjoy being the first to see it and find a few skirts that you would like to wear.  It was only listed for an hour when I had my first order!  How fun!

Remember that in may I am giving everyone free shipping with the code CHARMING2012 at checkout.

Have a super holiday! I am heading out to the outlet mall to check out the kate spade outlet Memorial Day sale...


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Kamela said...

Sweet post! I also love the updated background. It feels so summer and so Kate Spade!