kate spade new york goes to Morocco!

I got this email yesterday about the summer campaign from kate spade new york.  They are inspired by Moroccan style this summer with the unique colors and metallics that go along with that fun style.  The pattern of the month is paisley, done in a black and white to keep it fresh and neutral.  In this email, the featured icon is the camel, done up in the paisley and looking so cute!  The colors for the summer are purple. orange and bright green with pops of gold and silver.

I was inspired by this campaign to re-do my wardrobe into two pretend "vacations" for the months of June/July.  The first one is to the seaside somewhere in the USA where I can wear red, white and blue with touches of yellow.  That "vacation" has a nautical feel with all my stripes and resort/cruise style outfits. I emptied my closet and put only the clothes that I would wear on that vacation as if it were my huge suitcase! I also pulled all the accessories that I would take to go with that theme.  It was so much fun to pretend to pack for a trip, knowing I was really just staying home to wear all these clothes around town.  The second vacation is to .... Morocco! Of course.  I pulled all my purple, pink, turquoise, black and white for this one.  I also put in my silver and gold jackets and lots of shiny accessories.  I am really taking a risk with this one because I don't normally BLING as much as I will wearing these outfits.  I grouped them all together in one half of my closet and the other vacation in the other half.

Now, I can decide where I want to go each day: Somewhere exotic or somewhere fun and fresh.  Everything else is put away safely so there are no other colors or things that don't match in the closet at all!  I will post pictures of the process that I put on instagram yesterday.  It was a mess but I ended up with something really fun and I like my clothes much better now that they are going somewhere exciting.  Now I need to plan a few trips so I can play along with my wardrobe!

Live Colorfully!


Unknown said...

I would love to see pics of your vacation wardrobe...you are truly creative and adorable!

Becky said...

love this idea! it's a great way to force yourself to "shop at home" and create new outfits :) i sometimes look at one shirt or skirt and feel so bored, like there's nothing i can do with it, but as soon as there's a "prompt" like nautical, it makes me think about it in a new way!