My etsy shop is on vacation until July 4

Flutter-by Charm Skirt

Just a note to let you know that my etsy shop is on vacation until July 4.  I have so many orders, I need to catch up and take a breather from the sewing machine.  After releasing the Charm Skirt, I was overwhelmed with the response for skirts and am sewing constantly to fulfill the orders.  I also have a few weddings to finish up with bridesmaids skirts.  If you have an emergency and need to order a skirt or a wedding that you were planning on ordering skirts for, please contact me via email.  I just needed to slow things down a bit so I can enjoy the summer.

This is the last summer that my son, Harrison is home before he leaves for College at Texas A&M university.(Gig Em Aggies!)  Because he graduated early and was so young, have been able to keep him for 2 years at home while he went to Community College. Now, at 18, he has transferred to A&M as a Junior.  MY BABY!  I am pretty emotional about it but am trying to make the most of the few months we have left with him.  There is always the chance he will come home in two years to go to law school at the University of Houston which is nearby but his personal goal is to attend the University of Texas for law school which is in Austin.

I have planned some fun family activities to do together this summer so we will be making memories!  I am also trying to help my daughter, who will be a high school junior, find her calling in life.  She isn't sure what she wants to do so I am throwing out lots of ideas so she can veto them!  Last night I was talking about Film School and the night before it was Music...  She is a creative and can do anything she wants but the problem is she doesn't want to do anything! lol.  She is only 15 so that will change, I hope.

Soooo, I said all that to say...I have shut down my shop for the month and If you need to order anything, just email me and I will make a special listing for you, my special friend.  I will still be posting on the blog this summer, just not sitting at the sewing machine all day.
Have a super duper day!

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