Kate spade outlet has a piano clutch and so do I!

I visited my Houston Kate spade outlet today to see all my friends and I found this darling piano clutch. It is very different than the Recital Farrah clutch from last fall but really cute and roomy. The price I paid with major discounts was a little over $100! That is a steal for something this cute from kate spade. They still had more so give the Houston outlet a call and they will send you one. Do it while the 40% off sale is still on. You won't regret it!!! I can't wait to carry it to the symphony next time.


Hilary Dow Ward said...

Thanks for this post. Based on what I wrote on your instagram today, I feel like you're posting just for me! Thanks!

Sandee Royalty said...

Hilary, I hope you are able to get the bag! It is perfect for you.