Kate Spade Sued for $1M over Poppy Print

This is one for all my lawyer katespade-aholics:

kate spade new york or Kate Spade who is no longer with the company ( I don't know which one exactly) is being sued over the poppy print from a few years ago because it looks a lot like Vera Neumann's painting from the 1970's.  There are several different poppy prints by both Vera and ksny so I don't know which ones are in question.  While I agree it is all "inspired by" Vera's poppies, I don't see how they can sue over it.  This is the time to comment lawyers and law students, please find out all the details and share your insights!
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The Fashion Law: Kate Spade Sued for $1M over Poppy Print: Kate Spade is being sued for $1 Million in a copyright infringement suit over an iconic poppy print. The trustees of artist Vera Neumann's ...

My uninformed opinion is that this will be thrown out by the court but I don't know if there are any details that might make it stick.  I would love to know why Vera's lawyers think they can pull this off.



Lydia N. said...

I don't see how they can successfully sue. Prints are not similar enough to me. We only have so many mediums with which to work and poppies are a very popular flower. Seems like all water color poppies would turn out looking similar.

JewishGirlBlog said...

Ah, I wish I knew more about fashion trademarks! I agree with the egregious comment in my uninformed perspective, at least...these prints do NOT look similar enough. Poppies by nature will resemble each other.

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Kamela said...

Open up any 101 watercolor book and you'll find the lesson on how to paint that poppy watercolor. Oh please!!!

Ashley Admire said...

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