beware kate spade, mod cloth is catching my eye!

I have noticed that I am spending more and more browsing time on modcloth.com and less and less on katespade.com.  While there are lots of cheap forever21 type pieces on mod cloth, I have noticed some great high quality dresses that rival kate spade.  Here is an example of a few of my favorites for you to see the cuteness factor.
Rose bubbly dress $157.99
heart of the chatter dress $129.99

orla kiely dress $474.99
Eva Franco frames and fortune dress $244.99
While most of these except the orla kiely dress are much cheaper than ksny, they are no less well made and definitely as cute.  I also like that they are unique and not recognizable as a specific "brand".  The great thing about mod cloth is the reviews!  They allow pictures and long detailed reviews of their products.  If you want to know how something fits, more than likely there are at least 10 reviews to help you out.  Of course new arrivals won't have any reviews but returns are FREE!  They are having a super 75% OFF sale starting today so head over and check it out.  modcloth.com 
still living colorfully!


Mal said...

I love mod cloth!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

zyzzyva said...

I am heartbroken. I tried to place an order last night for the Strolling Through Sunday neapolitan-striped dress, but kept getting errors. Decided to try again today only to find it's completely sold out! It'll never be re-stocked like other Modcloth pieces since it was final sale clearanced out... *sigh*

If anyone out there bought a Medium (or Large) on final sale and don't wish to keep it, let me know!

On a happier note, I have the Eva Franco Frames & Fortune dress (Christmas giftie). It it wonderful -- easily one of my favorite dresses (which says a lot coming from this dress-addict!). I call it my Buddy Holly Dress. :D

Christina Marie said...

I just discovered the shop and am SO tempted to try them. I love all the dresses you chose in your collage. I'm also a new RSS follower of your blog!