Kate spade coupon code 20% off

Alert! There is another code out there for 20%?off of full priced merch.
KSFALL12. Good thru August 19th

You could get this darling iPad cover!!!


Anonymous said...

This iPad cover is probably one of two items I would even consider on the Kate Spade site right now. It is full of so much barfy stuff. Take a look at this dress. YUCK.


JewishGirlBlog said...

Haha, it's like you're speaking right to me. I was drooling over that cover recently, but I wish she just made it a zipper bag instead of a folio --- this thing won't fit my keyboard!

Chloe Elizabeth Ewer said...

Today I got a coupon through email from Kate Spade for 15% off because I left something in my shopping cart for about a week... Haven't tried it yet to see if it works, but I just thought I'd pass it along!

Alison said...
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Alison said...

I so wish that there were good things to buy, but everything is so blah and old looking. Still waiting for kate spade to get it together.

Plus, it seems like the prices are going up. what's up with that?!