September new arrivals at katespade.com and the pattern of the month!

Kate spade is seeing spots in September!  The new arrivals have a common theme, DOTS.  It is the pattern of the month for September and my favorite of all.  I just made a mini wish list so show you some of my faves at first glance.  There are more than this of course but these are the best so far...

Who wouldn't love a dotted bag that is in the shape of a dot?  Genius.

Or a Dictionary clutch that is in the shape of a Dictionary...  This in my opinion is the best book clutch ever.  I love the way it really looks like a book.  I am so getting this for my birthday this year.
Why just have little dots when you can have HUGE dots?  This dress really makes a statement.

I may not be able to tell time on this watch but it is sooooooooo cute that I don't care.

So those are my picks,  what about you?  Is there a must have in these new products that you can't live without?  I am glad to see the return to cuteness in this collection.  I was really missing it.

Live Colorfully!


Alison said...

This is the best collection all year! Finally, kate spade gets her mo-jo back! Now I just have to find some good coupons deals! :)

Sandee Royalty said...

Alison, the code FALLFETE is still valid for a few more days...
Save $50 on $250+, $100 on $500+, $150 on $750+ or $200 on $100+. Not valid on sale items. Expires 9/3/12.

Carol B said...

Great new Kate items to feature. I'm especially smitten with all things polka dots this year :)

BTW...love your blog's new look!

Anonymous said...

I like the watch and the "pardon my french" bangle (not shown on your site).