Yay! The Eye Dr. said I can get Readers! kate spade here I come!

I went to the Eye Dr. yesterday and have been given a prescription for reading glasses.  All the sewing and reading has really made my eyes tired and my vision is starting to get OLD.  I am coming up on another birthday in October and I guess my eyes know it.  Well, the good news is that I get to get some kate spade readers and insurance pays!!!!  Last night I ordered two pair from katespade.com.

I love these green ones for fall and with my pink stuff.  I hope I like them in person... I am really a green person so I probably will.
the Franny readers in crystal green
Then, for fun I got the Esme readers with the newsprint on them.  I will enjoy wearing these with my typewriter purse!  I couldn't pass them up.

esme readers in newspaper
so, now I get a whole new group of kate spade products to shop from!  I hope they come up with some fun ideas for readers so I can get some more.  I am going to be wearing them to read and then around my neck on a chain as jewelry!  Mainly because I can't see... but also because they are so cute.

Have a colorful day!

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