Check out photos of kate spade Spring 2013

It is cute!
This is what Jessica Quirk has on her tumblr
Fashionista.com has a slide show
Examiner.com has some great close-ups in their slide show. Look for the glasses bracelet!
I really like the gingham and the tiffany blue and black.  The radio clutch is cute and the apple wicker or is that a "straw" berry...


Alison said...

And just like that KS is back to the dull and old crappy look! I'm beginning to think it's Deborah Lloyd. Ever since she came, kate spade has been awful! Other brands will continue to get my money. Very disappointing.

zyzzyva said...

I had an admittedly long comment that seems to have disappeared. Are we no longer allowed to post links in comments?

Sandee Royalty said...

Z- I saw your comment yesterday on my email notification but I see that it is no longer anywhere even on my comments section of blogger dashboard. It has just disappeared! I was just going to respond to it during lunch too! Please post again if you get a chance! I love to hear your input!

zyzzyva said...

[I'll try to remember what I wrote. I'll leave out the links, just in case...]

While there are several pieces I love in the preview, I'm a bit concerned regarding how young the collection looks overall. The hemlines are so short! I'm still in my 20s, but I look to Kate Spade for items I can wear for *years* and can't see that being possible with a lot here (the clothes, more than the accessories).

That said, there are some loves to be added to the ol' wishlist. I love the use of aqua and classic patterns. It makes me think of The Go-Gos and Hairspray (both good things in my book).

I took note of the glasses bracelet the other day when they featured it on their Tumblr behind the scenes pics. I believe I also spy a glasses ring...? (on the model in b&w gingham coat & dress)

Adore the sweater set with black bows all over it (will probably knock it off myself, though). It reminds me of the Stella McCartney dress from earlier this year (Alexa Chung wore it).

The beige bow coat is so cute, but I wonder if I like it so much 'cause it's so similar to my J.Crew French Serge Day Coat...?

The pale pink feathered evening bag with bird clasp is so impractical, but so amazing!

Minty heels with silver toe caps? Yes, please!

In love with the apple purse, but after reading your pun, *really* think they should've made it a strawberry! :D

Sandee Royalty said...

Z- thanks for re posting your comment! I totally agree about DIY-ing the bow sweater set. I did that for fall 2008 with the little flowers on the sweaters and thought at that time that bows would be cute too. They sell them already pre-made in packages at Jo-ann fabrics so you just have to hand sew them on during a movie night.
I also agree about those peek-a-booty hemlines! What is that all about? Girls that wear skirts that short are such a small market.
The aqua color is really great and fresh! Of course I love the pairing with black. I wondered how long it would be until kate spade had some 60's florals and here they are! I like the way they are bright yet classic. I found several things for my wish-list in this collection. I like it better than what has been available lately.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....glad to hear a 20-something thinks these look too young. They are appearing to approach a "costume" type of look and less of a smart, witty, woman-of-any-age look. Eileen Fisher has items that can appeal to anyone of any age, and I like a lot of her stuff.

Also, the pointy nails that KS is featuring are just gross. That look went out in the 1950s or whatever. It looks like a hooker or a vampire. Very, very tacky and disappointing for KS to be pushing that look.