doing some kate spade reminiscing...

With the coming on of fall, I have been thinking of the past kate spade campaigns and looks that have shaped my fashion identity. There are so many classic looks that I continue to base my outfits on today.

These are just a few of my "favorite things" from the recent past.  When I am wondering what to wear, I just think about some of the lovely looks that have come from kate spade new york in the past few years and I have a lot of things to inspire me!

Do you have a favorite look from the past that you still refer to for inspiration?
Have a great weekend!


Hellokatiegirl said...

I love to look back at past seasons from Kate Spade. I "stalk" ebay looking for pieces from years past, because I think they are better than some of the current styles offered. I love the pics you found for this post. Classic Kate Spade!

The Green Hillionaire said...

I often look up the style books from past pieces I've bought (like the get ready deanna dress a few years ago) to see how it was styled at the time.