Etsy Shop Chick-Lit Designs creates the most lovely book clutches!

via Etsy
Michelle from Chick-lit designs is making the most lovely book clutches and kindle covers out of used books.  You can read all about her on Etsy as she was a featured seller back in May.  She finds used books and converts them to covers and clutches that are one of a kind art pieces.  After seeing the kate spade dictionary clutch, I was inspired to attempt making one myself.  It is not as easy as is may seem...
I stumbled upon Michelle's shop while doing research for a post on etsy finds a while ago.

dictionary clutch from chic-lit designs via Etsy
I think I would really like to carry a clutch that had actually been a real book that someone used to read that has now been given a second chance as a fashion accessory!  The price for most of her clutches is $155 which is much  less than the kate spade version.  I also like the idea that is is one of a kind.  So Unique!

Have a happy day!

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designer inspired clutches said...

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