fred flare has the new 2013 kate spade calendar!

It is here and really cute!  38$ at fredflare.com.  The theme for 2013 is the year of things we love.  It is the 20th anniversary of kate spade starting her brand so it is going to be a super special year!  In January there is a special book Things We Love coming out and you can pre-order it on Amazon.com for $24.44

via amazon .com
here is the description from Amazon:

within the four walls of kate spade new york, personal style is applauded and cultural curiosity is encouraged. long before the days of pinboards and social sharing, the brand’s in-house creative team began amassing a collection of things we love on their website: a crayon ring, a cocktail doodle, a particularly dreamy photograph.

people began visiting and chiming in with suggestions. now, the things we love have come to life in celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary. each of the book’s 20 chapters is filled with things we love—from the color red to a well-placed bow to a sense of humor and handwritten notes. part visual diary, part inspirational reference and sprinkled throughout with playful tips and practical advice, things we love is a beautiful compilation that visually represents the spirit of kate spade new york—a place where the colors are bold, smart design is key and fashion is fun.

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