Outfit of the Day: Moustashe Dress

Julia dress in Moustache Print

Today I wore my new Moustache Print Julia dress to church.  I think having a teenage daughter makes me wear some things that are a little young for me but it is sooo much fun!  I found this fabric at Jo Ann's and just had to make a dress with it!  I thought of a skirt at first but then decided that a dress would be better because it is all one piece and I could bring all the colors together in the bodice.

I used teal piping and buttons on a dark olive bodice to tie in the little moustaches on the skirt so I didn't  have too much brown. Brown is not one of my favorite colors but green is!  I wore my kate spade tulleries pearl necklace with all the cool colors in it to add some class to the outfit.

I ran into the J Crew outlet on Friday and picked up this sweater not even thinking about this dress because it wasn't made yet.  It works perfectly!  I have listed this dress on my etsy shop but I don't know how much fabric will be available so I might only be able to take one or two orders for it.  I figured there weren't really that many people who would be interested in a moustache dress anyway...  It definitely doesn't have general appeal like the solid black Hartley skirt.

Have a great day!

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Kasey said...

What a fun fabric! You look great.