KATE SPADE SATURDAY is coming to Japan first! What is that about???

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The scoop I wrote about here has finally been confirmed.  There really is a Kate Spade Saturday!  BUT... The new branch off of kate spade new york, KATE SPADE SATURDAY is launching in Japan before the United States.  What is that all about???  It seems that it is a business move by the mother company Fifth and Pacific (formerly Liz Claiborne).  They want to try to purchase the 51% share of kate spade japan that is owned by a third party to help build the Fifth and Pacific Co.  That is all I could figure out... but oh well....It is going to get here eventually!

The article here tells it all, even what will be offered in the new shop and how cool it is going to be.

This is a quote from CEO Craig Leavitt:
"Through ongoing research, we saw an opportunity in the market to engage a new customer base—one that aspires to be a part of the Kate Spade New York brand," said CEO Craig Leavitt. "Kate Spade Saturday is born from the core values of Kate Spade New York, but is realized in a new and exciting way for this younger customer."

kate spade ny is going to be opening KATE SPADE SATURDAY in the US online and in stores in the spring ( I bet that means one in NY...) The products will be apparel and accessories, beauty, tabletop, and home decor items. It will be much less expensive than the current kate spade brand and aimed at a younger more casual crowd. I wish it were kate spade SUBURB!  Then it would be targeting me.  How come only Khol's and JC Penny target the suburban wife.  I guess my life is all "Saturdays" anyway.

The average pricing for all the categories are expected to be: apparel ($90), eyewear ($55), fashion accessories ($40), handbags ($130), home ($25), jewelry ($30), shoes ($85), small goods ($45), swim ($50), tech ($30), and watches ($50).  (source BIZJORNAL)

this is a quote from the above article:

   The brand aims to have an innovative approach to retail both online and in-stores. By launching online, Kate Spade Saturday seeks to echo the in-store feeling of shopping in community by maximizing social media. Product-focused editorial content will be integrated seamlessly throughout the site and fans' tweets and images will appear online contributing to the exploratory experience. Kate Spade Saturday has partnered with digital agency Huge Inc. to produce the website.
For its retail spaces, Kate Spade Saturday has worked with architects WORK Architecture Company to design a unique store concept that celebrates the social side of shopping while creating a simple and seamless grab-and-go experience. iPads will be strategically stationed throughout the shop, featuring marketing messages, blog content, campaign videos, and user-generated images. To keep customers engaged, new product will be available both online and in store every Saturday. As a special nod to the brand's American roots, flagship stores will each house a cafe featuring rotating American food vendors. New York City pretzel shop Sigmund's Pretzels has signed on to partner with Kate Spade Saturday for the flagship in Tokyo.

Cool Huh?
It also looks like it is going to be written in all caps where the kate spade new york is in all lower case.

Live Colorfully and like every day is Saturday!

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zyzzyva said...

I'm excited about this. More Kate Spade AND lower price points? Yes, please. :)
(Though if they'll mainly be online (for most of us who don't live in NYC), I hope their return policy is excellent...)

I wonder if this will gradually affect the main KS line in target age demographic. We've all noticed KS skewing younger over the past couple years. With a new line specifically aimed at the younger market, will we see a return to the timeless pieces for women 30 and up? I'm still in my 20s, but don't want to ever "age-out" of Kate Spade!