Pictures from the Nordstrom Ksny fashion show

Last Thursday Madeline and I went to the Kate spade fashion show at Nordstrom to see all the dots. It was a super night. We had lovely treats like mini grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers along with brownie bites. Deborah Lloyd and brad were there and talking about the clothes. We took lots of pictures!

Madeline waiting by the kate spade boutique to meet Deborah Lloyd
Brad and Deborah- We were excited so it is blurry. lol

while we were waiting for it to start madeline was taking pictures of anything and everything.  She snapped this one of my jewelry.  I wore my British flag ring from xxi for Deborah lloyd because she is from the UK.  Everything else was kate spade from head to toe!

madeline tried on some awesome kate spade sunnies!

The team from new york set up some amazing product displays at Nordstrom.    I couldn't decide what to wear so I just wore a black ksny dress and carried my typewriter bag.  It worked with the color scheme though!

Meeting Deborah Lloyd was really fun.  She is exactly like you think she would be.  Really sweet but very smart.  This picture is right before we went to the kate spade shop to visit with the girls there and meet brad and deborah.  I was super excited!!


WendyB said...

Love your big rings!

gigiofca said...

You & your daughter looked so cute! Thanks for sharing show pics.