Striped dresses are the best kind of dresses!

I just love the striped carolyn dress from kate spade new york!  I really wanted to add it to my wardrobe but I remembered that I sell a dress like this in my etsy shop! lol.

sandeeroyalty on etsy.com  $130

outfit of the day September 6, 2012

I totally forgot about it when I saw that kate spade dress but, it is really one of my favorite designs!  My stripes are more narrow and the fabric is 100% cotton twill with pleats in front instead of gathers.  The price is lower too!  Free to me!  Thank you kate spade for making me like one of my dresses even more!  I also have the Mod Maddie shift dress in the stripe with a heart pocket.  It is another one of my favs.  The next collection in the spring will have these two dresses in a huge black and white polka dot!  I can't wait for you to see it.  maybe I will have to give you a sneek peek...

mod maddie dress on etsy  $70
Long live black and white stripe!!!

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