Planning to sew a Florence Broadhurst "inspired" dress

These kate spade dresses are from the Florence Broadhurst collection.  I was inspired by these dresses and purchased some new fabric to make a dress of my own.

Bought this fabric at Jo Ann's for $9.99 a yard

The black and white oriental style floral totally reminds me of the Florence Broadhurst prints.  I am thinking of making a simple dress with a full skirt but making it two layers like the one in the Japanese floral print.  Yesterday I was looking around on the web and found this dress made by Jessica of What I Wore. It is not the first time we have liked the same things!  She used the same pattern, Simplicity 2444, that I have been using to make my recent dresses but I change the skirt a little to make it fuller.  I think it is the same exact fabric that I bought too! I will give you an update of the dress but for now, I have to go sew some Sandee Royalty skirts.  Wedding season is upon us and bridesmaids must have their striped skirts!


Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is so true and very hard for a perfectionist like me to handle!  I tend to find things I already do well and just do them more often.  I am challenging myself this week to attempt new, harder things to stretch myself beyond where I am comfortable.  I have recently decided to attempt cooking more and also challenge myself to take some risks. We had burnt chicken last night because of this experiment! lol.
I am excited to challenge myself because then, I am in control and can stop and try again later if it gets too stressful. Is there something that you would like to challenge yourself with?  How do you deal with failures along the road to success?

Live Colorfully!


Kate Spade & Tretorn Partner Up For a Pair of Printed Sneakers!

When I was in high school, everyone who was anyone had Tretorn tennis shoes.  Now, kate spade new york has teamed up with the wonderful brand to create a pair of Florence Broadhurst printed tennies.  They come in three colorways of the same Japanese Floral print; coral, black and blue.  The shoe is called the Trey.  I don't own any tennis shoes right now but if I decide to get some, they will either be these shoes or a pair of navy Keds.  I prefer the black and white pair with the coral trim and tag.  Lovely aren't they?


Lady B post pics of the kate spade store in Kuwait

Click on the link below to see the pictures of the kate spade new york shop in Kuwait.  It is amazing to think of girls all over wearing the same super cute stuff!  I love it!


don't forget to live colorfully!


Polish your nails with kate spade new york!

 Poppy King who did the Supercalifragilipstick collaboration with kate spade new york tries her colorful hand at nail polish.  She has designed four charming colors inspired by Florence Broadhurst prints.  The colors that will be available on katespade.com and in stores are watermelon pink, sea foam green, solar orange and yellow cockatoo.  
The colors are going to be available in April and will be sold for $28 for the set.  Last year I collected pretty much the same colors throughout the summer to polish my toes but mostly from forever 21.  I am excited to have the opportunity to get an actual collection that looks so pretty lined up in a row like this one!
I am headed over to the kate spade outlet today to see what I can find.  Have a colorful Friday!


New weekly feature: Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Pretty is as pretty does.

How many times have we seen someone who looked beautiful and then they opened up their mouth and became ugly?  It works the other way around too! In high school, when I was having a bad hair day, my mother used to tell me, "just smile, then people won't be looking at your hair. They will only see your pretty smile."  I have known people who at first glance seemed rather plain but when you got to know them, they became beautiful.  Pretty actions and words carry more weight than make up and hair products.  When you get dressed in the morning, don't forget to put on your smile and positive attitude.  When choosing a phrase to use along with my name in my Sandee Royalty clothing line, I came up with the phrase,"Never miss a chance to be charming".  This  applies not only to wearing charming clothing but in your relationships with the people around you.  Choose kind words and actions to match your darling outfit.  They are accessories that are always in style!

Live Colorfully!


Sunday outfit of the day

This is my outfit on Sunday from the black and yellow section of my closet .  I really like the look, kind of old Chanel-ish.  The skirt is from the ksny outlet.  It is a Haley skirt made of black silk dupioni.  I think it is made just for the outlet.  The polka dot blouse is from White house Black market.  The jacket with the pearl trim is from Stein Mart (dirt cheap with coupon). I added a yellow flower for pop of color and carried my yellow Quinn bag from kate spade.  The shoes are kate spade too.  They have bows with white polka dots on them.  I look really tired in this picture because I didn't get any sleep the night before.  I can really tell, as I get older, when I don't get enough rest.  Today is for resting and beauty treatments...

Have a lovely day!


Orla Kiely SS12 Lookbook is amazing!


I am loving the Orla Kiely lookbook for SS12!  You should click on the link above to see it.  It is so refreshing.  I think she is my second favorite brand.  After kate spade new york of course!


Outfits I have been wearing...

I have really been slacking on my outfit of the day posts.  I forget to take photos for some reason.  Next week I am going to try to be better...
Here are some recent outfits that I posted on instagram and twitter:
I made this dress that I have been dreaming about for a while.  I think  it is my favorite!  The little sweater came from the kids section at Target.  I got 4 different colors!  It has ruffles from lace and chiffon down the front and is perfect for full skirts because it hits at my waist without being too cropped.

this is my $6 dress that I made from fabric from the "red tag" section at Jo Anns.  I used a different skirt than the navy gingham, less full.  I still like it but prefer the fuller skirt.

I have wanted this dress since Deborah Lloyd released her first collection for kate spade new york.  I finally found it on ebay and snatched it up for less than $100!  It is a beautiful silk called the Baton Rouge floral.  Having lived in Baton Rouge as a child, I had to have this dress! Plus it is a Jillian style and that is my favorite.
I hope this makes up for not posting any outfits for a while....
Now that my closet is fixed up, I will be much better at outfit of the day posts.


Closet re-organization this week! Ready to shop the closet now.

I decided that my closet needed a new look and some re-freshing this week.  I took all day Tuesday to fix it up and get all my clothes organized and make them look really appealing so I would want to shop in my closet instead of the store.  I grouped the clothes and accessories in three color combinations to make it easier to put together outfits and to inspire me to wear them.
yellow and black

red and navy

pink and geen/blue green
I grouped my jewelry into three color combinations too!  On each frame and each shadow box holds the jewelry for a certain color combination.  I put the kate spade books for that color underneath the frame to add color.  Earrings are all in the crystal "relish tray" and the bracelets are hanging on the stand.   

shoes are on the shelf with their other color partners
I had so much fun playing with my clothes.  I also fixed my dresses like this, by color scheme.  I now have a little shop in my closet so I don't have to go to the mall for inspiration.  It is lots cheaper this way! lol.  I put all my other clothes that did not match a color combination in temporary storage so when I get tired of these, I can change again.  I might try a turquoise and yellow combo next time when it is closer to summer.  I can't think of anything I would like to add other than these.  It is really liberating!  I even put away the jewelry that didn't "belong".  Now my closet has gone from being like a garage sale or Ross store to like a little boutique with all my favorite things ready to be put into outfits. Now, what am I going to wear today???


Fun new items on katespade.com!

Am I crazy? I love the Hold Court Quinn.  I have a loyalty to the Quinn and really want to add this to my collection for summer bags.  I have to see it in person first and I will let you know if I think I can pull it off.   What do you think?  Tacky or Not?

 I love the Melody skirt because it so so vintage inspired and it is also impossible for me to make.  It is really hard when you sew because so many things are so simple and basic.  I always look at something and say "I could make that".  My friends make it a joke.  They say it to me all the time in the store.  This skirt is pleated in such a way that I would not even attempt to make it.  Too complicated.  I could make three dresses in the time it would take to make this skirt.  I will have to buy it!
I already have the Valerie Jacket in yellow and would love to add the green to my collection.  It is an all year jacket here in Houston.  I will try to pick it up on sale like I did the yellow one.  That reminds me, I need to wear the yellow one more.  It just only looks good with jeans and I hardly ever wear jeans.

Go check out the new arrivals and let me know what you think.  Are you getting burned out on kate spade new york or do you still love it?  Do you think there is anything you can't live without in this collection?

Have a super day!
Live Colorfully,


Thanks Miss Janice for the feature in Friday's Style file!

Last Friday, Miss Janice did a special sweet post featuring my style on her blog Social Graces.  I was out all day so I didn't get a chance to tell you to go over and check it out.  Then I was sick all weekend so I wasn't able to tell you about it!  So, better late than never, I want you to visit her blog and see how darling she is. I added her to my blog roll (how did I miss her?) so you can get to her site directly from here.  I hope we get some of her sweet readers commenting over here at kate spade-aholic!  They leave such sweet and charming comments. It is fun to meet new friends!



kate spade sample sale for three days only! Up to 75% off.

click here to go to the sale page
Got this email today!  Go get it while the gettin' is good!

Oh yeah, Happy Monday!

kate spade launches a line of watches that will stop the clock!

While visiting nordstrom.com, I came across the new kate spade new york watch line!  Amazing is all I can say! I will show you a few of my favorites but you should go check it out if you are in need of a watch.  Of course you may not have needed one before but now, you will!!!!
kate spade new york 'seaport grand' bracelet watch$225.00
 I love the seaport grand bracelet watch so much!  I like the big loose watch look and this does it well with an additional touch of a pink second hand and spade logo.  It also comes in silver tone for all you silver girls. Michael Kors and Fossil you better step up your game!

kate spade new york 'cooper' leather strap watch$195.00
The Cooper comes in pink, black, yellow and turquiose bands!  It is such a pretty little watch.

kate spade new york 'metro' patterned dial watch$175.00
The Metro patterned dial watch comes in the spade, Japanese floral pattern in black and also in pink.  There is one in confetti dot also.  I like the look of these watches but I have to have numbers...I really can get the time wrong with one of these!

There are lots more choices so go visit nordstrom.com and find your favorite!


Nordstrom has some kate spade goodies!

Nordstrom is featuring our favorite brand kate spade new york again on their website!  There are many new items yet to be seen so I got really excited! It started with the skirt below.  It is the amazing Melody skirt in beige silk with pink polka dots.
beige and pink melody skirt $368

the Sonja dress is perfect for summer made of cotton and spandex $378
I also fell in love with the Sonja dress shown above.  I am excited when I find a kate spade dress made of cotton.  It is nice to not wear silk all the time.  This dress is hand-washable too!  I can't wait to see it in person.  I have found that the kate spade dresses look much better in person.  It comes with the tiny patent bow belt too.

the kate spade Lucille stripe dress is only $268!
I also love this Lucille dress.  I am not a blue girl but this it really cute and would look great with red or pink accents.  The price is also a winner!  $268 is cheaper than a skirt.  I would wear this with a red cardigan and red flats for summer.

I am not going to give you all the goodies that they have online right now so you can have fun finding them yourself.  Head over to shop.nordstrom.com  to check it out.

Live Colorfully my friend!