Hold the Phone Kate!

kate spade new york has some super cute phone jewelry right now on katespade.com and in the kate spade boutiques.

I did a search on my favorite site Etsy to see what fun jewery I could find with the phone theme. Here are a few:
vintage phone earrings $15

polymer clay earrings $10.99
dial telephone earrings $9.99
princess telephone earrings $20
retro phone necklace $15.00
vintage phone necklace $35.00

And some cute phone bags!
telephone bag $280
talk to me laptop case $42
It is amazing what you can find on etsy!  I love the idea of vintage or one of a kind items that have whimsy and style.  It is fun to wear something that makes people stop and comment.  Carrying a book clutch or my typewriter bag makes going out so much more fun because you make friends wherever you go.  It is almost as good as taking a puppy around with you...



Hellokatiegirl said...

I just noticed the phone themed items on the KS website yesterday and fell in love too. Thanks for the tips for similar items on etsy. I love your analogy about wearing quirky things being like taking a puppy with you. It's very true!

Jules said...

How cute!!! I can see all those on you!! <3 Jules

Aqsa said...

Thank you so much for including my Phone Earrings and Necklace!! Your blog is lovely! :)