kate spade Mondrian dress

kate spade is helping out with my art appreciation by creating this lovely dress inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian.  see Wikipedia  I am a total fan of colorblocking and this dress takes it to the next level.  I would wear it with bright tights to match one of the colors in the dress and no jewelry.  I would carry a black bag and let the dress show off.

There are lots of Mondrian inspired things on etsy so I thought you might like to see what I found...

vintage mondrian boots sz 6.5
Those boots are totally my size!  I love them.

polymer clay earrings $18
sewing pattern for mondrian shift dress
There are tons and tons more interesting things so head over to etsy and do a search on mondrian.  The 80's were a big time for that style and there are actually some dresses and scarves on etsy that are really cute.

keep calm and mondrian!

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