New kate spade mini wish list- Think Pink!

Celina dress via Nordstrom.com
My favorite dress is now available in hot pink!  I really love this color, its name is Zinnia.  I really want to buy this dress today but I think I will attempt to make it first.  I seem to get a better fit and save money when I make my own dresses.  I also make them with machine washable cotton which is better for my lifestyle.  The pink one by kate spade is made with a stretch cotton but it still needs to be dry cleaned


I have a version this dress in yellow and white that I made for my shop last year. I used to sell it on sandeeroyalty.com but I stopped making dresses and focus on skirts right now.  The pink kate spade dress is just amazing!  I might have to stay up late tonight to make one for myself...

I also like this Felix dress in pink plaid silk!
kate spade felix silk dress from nordstrom.com
The plaids on this dress match up perfectly!  I know how hard that is so I have a real respect for this dress..
I love the mix of pink, burgundy and turquoise.  It is an unusual color combination that makes this dress stand out in a crowd.

Have a lovely day!


Nouveau Stitch said...

Hi Sandee - Thought you might appreciate my "Ode to Kate Spade."



Anonymous said...

Hi Sandee!! I really love the yellow dress- is there anyway I can still have one made? My name is Miller.