The Limited for spring!

I hit The Limited for some awesome spring clothes and here is what I picked up!

Stitched pleat flare skirt $59
This one I got a small in because it fit perfectly.  The navy sailor skirt I got a medium because the pleats hung better and it sat a little lower on my waist.
high waist inverted pleat sailor skirt $59
Sophie Theallet shirtdress $118
I could fit in the 6 or 8 in this one but I picked the 6 because it looked more vintage when it was fitted.  The arms are a little snug for wearing to do housework but it is great for shopping and lunch with the girls.

chevron striped dress $98
This one I got a 6.  It has an organdy lining inside the skirt to make it poof out.  It is more poofy than this picture.  I think this one will be my easter dress...so far.

Striped flared-skirt dress $98
This looks a lot like my own design and the kate spade striped dress too.  What made me grab this one also is that it is unlined and made of a thinner stretch cotton which makes it perfect for around the house in the summer.  I got an 8 because the 6 was sold out in my store and then I just took it home and altered the bodice to fit.  I left it a little looser so it would be comfy on summer days.  Another difference between this dress and my Sandee Royalty version is that the stripe is cream and it is a little wider than my stripe.
see, this is my version...really lots different...really!
These dresses are almost sold out online but have just been released into the Limited shops this week.  Yesterday there was a sale 50% OFF so run over there to take advantage of the major savings.  That is why I went crazy and bought so many dresses.  As my mom always says, "You couldn't make it for that!"  That means that the cost of the fabric and notions would be more than just buying the dress already made in the store.  In this case, I couldn't have found fabric as cute as these dresses and the time to sew is already taken up by lots of orders that I am working on in my studio.  All in all it was a fun shopping day!

Oh, I also picked up this cardigan at Hot Topic, yes you heard me right....

I have a black version that I bought from modcloth.com and this navy one was only $39 instead of $59 that I paid for the modcoth one.  They also have it in the black too!  I really love this cardigan so it was worth it to be scared going into hot topic.  I had my teenage daughter with me so that helped too.  The have it online if you don't want to venture into the store.

Have a great day!


Sammi said...

Love the shirt dress and the sweater from Hot Topic! Great picks for spring!

xox Sammi

Katie D said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful finds from The Limited. I haven't shopped at this store for a very long time, but their new items are so cute! I especially love the first two skirts.

Kimberly said...

Love all your new outfits! I especially like the first two skirts, too. You have great taste. I've been reading your blog for about a year now and decided it was time to delurk. Your blog always makes me smile and is a bright spot in my day, so thank you!

Princess Freckles said...

I have the sailor skirt too! Just darling! I'm waiting on the stripped skirt to go on sale.

Princess Freckles said...

I have the sailor skirt too! Just darling!