What I wore: My typewriter dress!

      As some of you know, I have a super cute kate spade typewriter purse.  Well, it has gotten me into a typewriter craze.  I found this amazing fabric from japan on etsy last year and purchased just enough for this dress.  It was really expensive fabric so I didn't want to get too much of it.  Later I found it in another colorway and made another identical dress because I like it so much.  Now it is all sold out everywhere and I wish I had some more for my shop!  It is a really heavy cotton linen mix and works great year round here in houston.  I threw on my modcloth cardigan to bring out the black keys on the typewriters.  I also added a black belt but opted for red shoes from kate spade.  It was really fun to wear shopping because people would comment on the outfit everywhere I went.  It started to get old though after a few hours...
I did pick up a dress a the kate spade outlet and three jackie cardigans and the j crew outlet.  Jackpot!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Katie D said...

What a lovely dress! I was hoping it was going to be a new addition to your etsy store. The fabric is so cute. I wish I was able to sew, but sadly I am not very talented in this area.

JewishGirlBlog said...

So cute!!

Rachel said...

I love that.

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing outfit! So lovely:)


A said...

OMG! I absolutely love that typewriter fabric!

I stumbled upon your blog, googling Kate Spade. Definitely subscribing! I'm just a few hours away in Corpus Christi! :)