I finally got an orange Quinn to add to my collection!

After searching Ebay for over a year, I finally found an orange Quinn purse to add to my Quinn collection.  I am so excited so I decided to go with an Orange Katie skirt today!  I first had a green sweater but looked like a pumpkin so I paired the orange stripe with bright pink and found a winner.  This photo is taken after a day of shopping so I look pretty worn out but I wanted to show off my new Quinn.  It is from the older style logo before the license plate and the quality is superb!  I really think that the leather is a better grade.  That is why I have been looking for so long.  I wanted one of the older style bags but not worn out and used looking.  It is hard to find but success is sweet!  The bag has a hot pink logo lining which inspired me to wear the hot pink J Crew cardigan. I probably could have done without the flower pin but hey, why not?  You might as well go all the way!  Oh and I found a wonderful perfume today... Marc Jacobs Dot with the bottle that is a Ladybug.  It is so fun and spring scented.  I think I want it for mother's day...hint hint hint to my family!
Have a super day!

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Courtney said...

love that you love the quin! i want to see a post where you feature your entire collection!!!

xoxo courtney