I Love the flash&go hair remover!

my flash & go hair remover
from bed bath and beyond $299

I have been using the Flash & Go hair remover since I got it for Christmas and it is amazing!  I have been waiting to check to see if it really worked before I posted on it and thought now was a good time because summer is coming.  I haven't used it on my legs yet because I wanted to try it on a smaller area first.  I used it under my arms and am almost hair free after 4 months using it every other week.  

I had (notice the use of "HAD") super dark thick hair so I could shave and you couldn't even tell that I did!  Now I hardly have to shave at all.  It works with a pulsed light targeting dark hair so if your hair is light, it probably won't work.  You also have to have  light skin or the light will just blink and you can't use it. They are afraid of burns on dark skin.  It does hurt a little but totally worth it!

The main reason I love it is because I was cursed with a lot of dark facial hair and it was getting worse and worse as I got older.  I used the Flash &Go twice a week on my face and am down to plucking a few hairs every day and that is AMAZING!  My facial hair routine was different than my underarms because the problem was lots worse.  I would zap first and then pluck to remove the hair that I could and then shave the rest off.  Much of the plucked hair didn't come back because the zapping killed the root.  If you don't pluck, the dead hair sits in there until it finally falls out.  I didn't want to wait around for that.  Now, the stubborn hairs pop up and I zap them then pluck them out and they come back less and less.  I am so excited about this product and thankful that I found out about it.  If you don't have a dark facial hair problem, you wouldn't understand but those of you who do, know what an amazing thing it is to have that hair GONE!  I tried laser hair removal about 6 years ago but didn't have good results with 4 treatments.  The clinic moved too far away so I stopped.  The cost is really high for those treatments.  The Flash & GO was $299 at bed bath and beyond and I used my coupon so it was cheaper!  It comes with two light cartriges and I am still using the second one after 4 months.  If you do your legs it uses it up faster because there is such a large surface area. Face and underarms don't use much but on my face, I used it more often.  What is so great its that anytime I have a wild hair pop up, I can zap it right away and keep the problem under control.  I seriously had a major problem especially on the face so if it worked for me, it will work for you too!  The only thing I regret is not using it earlier because some of my hair has gone gray with age and the Flash & Go only works on dark hair.  I will be plucking that hair forever but at least most of the other hair is gone.  

Start today and you won't regret it!!! I couldn't be happier!

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