Madeline and Me in Modcloth dresses

This weekend Madeline was in a singing competition and I ordered a dress from modcloth.com for her to wear.  She was sooooo cute!  She also made the top three in the state of Texas for Songwriting and Vocal Solo.  That was super!  I decided to wear my modcloth sailor dress with a little cropped cardigan.  I reworked the little "dickey" and made it out of hot pink stripe because it needed to be higher up than the one that was on the dress.  I love color so instead of the navy, I opted for a bright pop of color in the pink.

We had lots of fun! Everywhere we went, the boys were stopping Madeline to tell her how good she was.  It got to be funny because it happened so much.  I think it was really good for her confidence.  Especially the songwriting.  It really helps when other people like your songs!
Live Colorfully!

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Mae Kerr said...

Hi Sandee! I just adored this post! I had a quick question if you could give me a shout at mae@modcloth.com, thanks! -Mae