kate spade brushstroke paint can purse at the outlet

      For someone like me who can't resist whimsical bags, this one is a must!  Add on a 30% off sale and 20% off coupon and I am SOLD!  It is from the kate spade outlet and called the brushstroke Paint Can.  It is small at 6.5 inches round but not too small at all for running around town.  As long as a bag will hold my huge Galaxy Note phone, I am happy.  If you don't have an outlet nearby, look online at the kate spade website to see the phone numbers of the area shops.  They can send it to you for a small shipping charge.

have a super day!


gigiofca said...

Thanks for visiting me & sharing your cute find!

jacquelyn said...

Saw your link on Gigi's blog and had to take a look at the purse. Wow! That is adorable. I'm going to hit our KS outlet next weekend and hope to find lots of goodies. I'm glad its a 90 minute drive or i would be there all the time.

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Sammi said...

INCREDIBLE bag. And what an amazing deal!

xox Sammi

A said...

Where is the 20% off coupon from?