Really excited for some of the upcoming kate spade products!

           These are some of my favorites that are coming out for fall 2013.  I really like the owl theme because I have already collected a few things from kate spade in the past.  The whimsical flats are just too cute to pass up and I love anything to do with a library so the required reading index organizer is on my list.
wise owl quinn $478
disco animal print coreen skirt $298
required reading index organizer $298
wool tavi cape $648
go Taxi flat $278

wise owl clutch $378
granny apple flat $258


Katie D said...

I haven't seen any of these yet, so thank you for sharing Sandee! I am definitely going to have to get the flats. The taxi and the apples are both insanely cute!

AlwaysRainyinSeattle said...

where did you get all these names and prices??

Sandee Royalty said...

They are for the press. Ksny gives out scoop so editors and bloggers etc. can prepare for upcoming articles and photo shoots. I only posted a few of my favorite things. They don't want you to post everything and give out all the secrets. xoxo

4packmom said...

Love the Owl bag! When are these coming out???