My new Spoonflower fabric shop!

   I just opened a shop on spoonflower.com with my new fabric designs.  I have skirts in my etsy shop that are made with theses fabrics but I made them available for those of you who are DIYers and want to make your own skirts etc...  When you purchase, I get a little commission (really little. like $1.50) for each yard that you buy.  The fun part is that you can choose what type of fabric you would like to order the design on.  You can choose from a simple cotton all the way up to a silk fabric.  My favorites are the cotton poplin and the linen cotton.  The knit is nice too but a little heavy.  I have done some of my scarves out of the knit though and I liked it.  You might notice that some of the prints are running up and down the grain of the fabric, this allows you to get a one yard skirt that is longer than 18 inches.  If you order a wider fabric like the cotton linen, you can get more length.  It also lets you get more width for a larger skirt than the standard size by ordering another yard.  You will have some left over to play around with if you do this.  I add a band on the bottom of my skirts because I like that look.  It also allows me to use the cotton poplin for the main part of the skirt.  I like the way the poplin feels and it isn't too heavy for the Texas climate.  It also has a grain that runs along with my pattern so it looks nice running vertically.  Please visit my spoonflower shop and leave a comment for me!  Thanks so much!

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Rachel said...

This is wonderful! I love your fabrics.