kate spade fashion week presentation

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

These are some peeks from ksny and glitter guide of the spring summer 2014 presentation at fashion week.  I am in love with the yellow lemons~  It is good to see that full skirts are not going out for spring.


zyzzyva said...

Love that lemon print dress, even though it's not exactly original.
But maybe that old classic feeling is what really draws me to it.

I've been so disappointed/bored by KS lately. It makes me so sad. There just hasn't been the same spark I felt before when the new collections came out and I wanted *everything* for my closet as soon as I could afford it...

Maybe it's the attempt at making things a bit "edgier" or that they've been attempting to skew younger?

I'm Not Hello Kitty said...

I agree with zyzzyva. I am not thrilled by the last 2 years or so of Kate Spade, but have managed to find one or two items each season, but nothing like the excitement of the Summer 2011 collection which I felt was a grand slam.

I think that zyzzyva is right about the "too young" thing. The Fall 2013 looked like a rip off of "Hello Kitty." The pointed fingernails are so dated, tacky, and even dangerous.

I hate to resort to a personal comment, but the photo of Deborah Lloyd says it all: she is a woman pushing 50 with a child's haircut: long hair and bangs like that belong on an 8-year old, not a 50-year old woman. Ms. Lloyd appears to be clinging on to her youth at the expense of her professional credibility.

I hope Ms Lloyd finds a way to make clothes for women who are not 20 any more but still have a sense of style and are looking for clothes we can actually wear without being laughed at.

True Kate Spade Fan said...

@ I&#39: I'm sorry that you feel this way. See, the Kate Spade motto is "Live Colorfully". It is directed to a very select group of women. {She's quick & curious & playful & strong. She is a voracious reader & a fantastic dancer. She saves old photos and loses her umbrella. Her emails pile up but she never forgets to call her grandmother. She has $7 dollars in change at the bottom of her handbag} Kate Spade. I see the Kate Spade NY woman as intellectual, chic, playful, fun, unique, practical and confident. I admire Deborah Lloyd and Ms. Kate Spade for being strong and comfortable with themselves to wear what makes them happy at whatever age. I'm 33 and I'm so happy there is Kate Spade for us who are tired of unoriginal and common. You recognize a Kate Spade style wherever it walks. It's unique. I hope I'm wearing Kate Spade at 60-or whatever makes me happy for that matter- despite others fashion sense and their put-downs. You're only as old as you feel. Respectfully, True Kate Spade Fan