The Red and White striped Katie skirt was featured on Clarabelle blog!

    Lovely Clare from clarabelle blog did a post on her Katie skirt outfit for Labor Day. You can check it out here.  I really like the way she styled the striped skirt.  I must, because I wore that exact same outfit pearls and all for 4th of July!  There is something about red and white stripes that makes me so happy.  It is perfect for so many occasions.  I love red and white stripe for Valentine's day, 4th of July and even a "candy cane" Christmas.  There are so many ways to wear a striped skirt, especially when you can wear it year round by adding some colorful tights or boots.

This is the same outfit styled for cooler weather.  I really like the way she layers all the neutral colors and textures with the bright red skirt.

Have a super day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandee!

Sorry to leave this unrelated question on this post, but I thought you would be the best person to ask! I've seen a couple of the tutti frutti esti skirts on ebay, and after seeing how you style it, I've been tempted to bid! I just wanted to know how the size ran with your skirt. Was this made pre-vanity sizing, meaning I should size up?

Thanks! If I can't find an esti skirt, I might just have to order one of your cute hartley skirts next!