Just ordered from Modcloth!

      So, I was supposed to be looking for a dress for the wedding but I decided that I wanted some other things first.  I just placed an order from modcloth.com and here is what I bought...

dream of the crop cardigan
live up to the type necklace
what's the peter plan top

vavava voom petticoat

I am really exited to get these special things that I have been wishing for for a while.  I showed my husband my shopping cart last night and asked him what I should take out and he said "everything."  That confirmed it.  I needed to order ASAP!  I did remove a cute striped top because I have lots of stripes in my wardrobe.

Here is my rational for buying each item (are you reading this Honey?)
1. The Green sweater: I have every other color in this sweater and LOVE the cropped style with my full skirts and dresses.  It is also a Holiday color and will make any red dress into a Christmas dress.
2. The Typewriter necklace:  I only have one other typewriter necklace and the only other one that I found is three times more expensive than this one and has been in my etsy shopping cart for 6 months.
3.  The Peter Pan collar top: I need more tops to wear with my skirt designs to add variety and cuteness to my life.  The reviews on modcloth were great and if I saw someone in this top, I would stop her and ask where she got it.
4.  The petticoat: My other petticoat is ripped up and snaggy. This is a  shorter style which is hard to find. I can wear this one under whatever mother-of -the-groom dress I find or make (pulling out the wedding card that excuses everything...)

I hope that explains it enough.  Do you ever feel like you need to have a "good reason" for your purchases?  I will let you know how things work out when I get them.  I used the free shipping option so I have to wait 4-9 days. boo hoo.

Have a super day!

***Update- The petticoat and the peter plan top went back because the petticoat looked like a square dance skirt and the top was really tight.  Too bad.....

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Sammi said...

The dream of the crop cardigans from ModCloth are AMAZING. I don't have this kelly green color, but I do have them in 4 colors and they are the perfect length for fit and flare dresses! And a petticoat definitely counts as a necessity. Love the typewriter necklace, too!

xox Sammi